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newbie having treatment tommorow and petrified!!

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Nov 1, 2009
Hi Guys i am from the UK. I have not been to dentist since the 90's due to my phobia!
I also suffer panick /anxiety attacks / depression.
I have to have 5 teeth out 6 fillings and a good clean up of plaque build up.
I have been to GP and he has given me valium to take tonight and then 2 hours before treatment tommorow (9.30am)
Already i am shaking and feeling anxiety in thought of everything that has to be done tommorow, eg. needle, drill, dentist having to put her hand by my nose.
I am having treatment in 4 sessions due to my phobia, my dentist seems to understand how i feel and even took the time to show me my x-rays and what needed to be done.
Tommorow is 1 filling and 1 extraction and i'm dreading it, just going to the check up was too much for me, i felt like crying.
I have read some things on here about tips etc and even they make me cringe!
I am fine taking my children, just not myself!
Hubby is going with me as he is a good support for me when having axiety/panick attacks.
I'm also scared of how the valium will make me feel as i have never had it before.
Any advice/ experiences welcome.
I also suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. Stress doc sent me some anxiety control techniques so maybe you could PM to get them.

About 4 years ago I opted for IV sedation while I had my four teeth extracted so I've no idea how the valium will be. My aunt is equally as scared of the dentist as me and she says that the valium really works for her. My mum is terrified of flying and she takes it for that too. It just makes you feel as though you are in a very relaxed sleepy state. I'm too scared to be awake in any form so I've never tried it. I also prefer to have everything done in one go so I can wake up knowing my teeth are kind of fixed. You are so much braver than me! :hidesbehindsofa:

You are also, so lucky to have found an understanding dentist. I haven't even got one right now and I'm concerned I won't find a sympathetic one quickly. :confused:
Thankyou for replying....I'm hoping i still feel in control whilst feeling the effects of the Valium. I shall know tonight how it makes me feel.
I have a phobia of being put to sleep or that would have been my first option to have.
Last time i got as far as the needle and then that was it by then i was in panick mode. Thankfully the Dentist suggested to stop treatment and reffered me to one that did IV, i didn't turn up for the appointment!!

My Aunt also takes Valium for flying but i am unable to get hold of her to ask what it feels like.
Hubby has them for muscle spasm's and he took one last night, within 20 mins he was asleep(he was also very tired prior to taking tablets)

Good luck in your search for a decent dentist.
I found mine searching the internet and they had there own website which i stumbled across the words "Nervous Patients most welcome"

Mine seems understanding enough,i just hope i don't start crying like a child!
She has already said to raise my hand at anytime i need her to stop and she will do so.


I think I can help with your questions.

Valium is a benzodiazepine. This is a class of medications used for anxiety and sedation. Valium is primarily a muscle relaxant, this is what it was designed for. It also helps reduce anxiety.

The normal dose is 5mg but 10 is not uncommon. It takes about 1-2 hours to become fully effective. The affect lasts about 4-5 hours depending on dose.

You will feel relaxed and motor skills and responses will slow down, do not drive while taking this medication. Your anxiety level should drop down a bit. This medication takes the edge off the anxiety.

You will feel calmer and maybe a bit loopy. This is an older medication but works well. It will also help your jaw muscles relax which can make treatment a bit easier.

You might feel a little drowsy but most people just feel relaxed.

I hope this helps.

Blessings :)
I tend to feel calm and relaxed after taking Valium. And a bit tired, but with a smaller dose not. If I take 5mg I'll feel pretty normal, just like on an average day except it's a scary day. This drug makes a big difference to me and I warmly recommend it. You'll definitely feel in control as you probably won't be asleep or anything close to that, just relaxed.
Thankyou both for replying.
Right, i shall take it then.
I have 5mg tonight and then the same in morning.
I shall let you know how i get on.

Thanks again.
Hello Shakinglikealeaf, i hope everything goes well for your appointment tomorrow. I have never taken valium before, if I need any drilling done I always take a mp3 player with me with a relaxation cd to help me relax. Let us know ho you get on.

Valium helped me immensely before my appointment for my first root canal which I had done last week. I took 10 mg about 45 mins before my appointment and it made me feel a little woozy but not out of control.

Like you, I was petrified! Beyond scared...shaking in my shoes, crying etc etc. All those feelings are SO validated but let me assure you that you'll be FINE.
Make sure you let your dentist know your anxiety level and that he/she numbs you up properly. I brought an MP3 player and turned it up full blast when the drill started......

Have faith in yourself! There is courage within yourself to do this! Everyone here will send positive energy your way to see you through.

Peace always.....

Thankyou everyone for replying.
I have returned from dentist and i did it!! :jump::yay: I am so proud of myself. The Valium did help me loads.
I am back next wednesday for more fillings and extractions and a good clean up of teeth!

I shall put my visit in the sucsess thread.
Thankyou once again to everyone for support and advice given to me, i really appretiate it.

Nikki xx
I'm so pleased you made it! Good to hear the valium worked for you too!
Thankyou soscared...it helped me imensly (sp) I know i would have not got through the surgery door without it. I feel on top of the world now!! :)

Nikki xx
Well done! The feeling after you have done it is great isn't it!

Good luck for next wed!!
Definatly!! I would have sang from the rooftops as i left if my mouth wasn't so numb at the time hehe!!

I'm just glad i finaly did it, and now i think to myself that i really did worry over nothing.
The tooth extraction was my worst fear put all i felt was pulling and tugging.

Now i'm just wondering how long it is before i can have a coffee??
My mouth is completley numb free now and i'm sooooooo wanting one!
Nikki x
Thats so fantastic Nikki!
I have no idea how long it takes before you can have a coffee... but here, have a virtual pint instead! :cheers:

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