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Newbie/ need info on choosing dentist/ USA



Junior member
Nov 2, 2006
My story...I was lectured 15 years ago by an internal medicine physician in front the entire office staff and waiting room during an annual physical. He told EVERYONE how bad my teeth were and finished his lecture off with "..I don't know HOW or WHAT a dentist would do for you now with your bad teeth !"
You know the rest...not only did I quit going to the dentist, I also quit going for physicals(I had them done at my OB/GYN who did not lecture about my mouth)
My husband is now "hounding" me to go but is not empathetic or understanding...he lectures me which of course turns me off. His latest...he wants to take me off of our insurance because I don't use it.(I did use it for the past 11 years as I had 2 kids + 5 miscarriages)Since the birth of my son 5 years ago I have only had 1 annual physical.)
I have been search on the web for a dentist(sedation) in my area(western NY state). There are several here but I am unsure if this is what I need or should I go with a dental center that deals with dentures/extractions? I'm quite sure this what I need.
Cost is also a factor for me. I have dental insurance to cover 50% of the costs of dentures/extractions and some coverage for exam/cleaning x rays.
None of the sedation dentists give any costs for intial evaluation or a price range.
Can anyone direct me where to start? any expense costs?
Hi & :welcome: I am so sorry you have been through so much. Unfortunately some doctors/dentists can cause our phobias to actually become worse just by talking. There is absolutely no excuse for the doctor to have said those things to you, especially in front of his staff...very unprofessional!!!

As for your husband, most people who do not understand our phobias, do not know how to deal with us. Some people think that if they bully us enough, we will just give in and make the appointment, not realizing that they are doing more harm than good. I am sure he actually thinks that he is helping rather than hurting you.

Some dentists in the US offer free consultations. Where in NY do you live? We do have several recommendations in NY under the dental finder section of this site. I can do some more checking for NY dentist as well for you if I know the cities closest to you. If you do not want to post it on the general board, you can PM me and I will do some checking.
Hi...I am still looking into dentists for your area and will let you know how it is going. Didn't want you to think I forgot about you. Any luck with the email. Emailing is a great way to start communication with a dentist to see if you feel comfortable with them. Take baby steps. Most important of all is to know that you are in charge. If you do not feel comfortable with a dentist or their staff, you can always go somewhere else. It is truley amazing how you will feel once you have found a caring and compassionate dentist that respects you and your fears.
Hi I PM another option for you. Hopefully one of them will work out. If not let me know and I will look some more. The last on was found on another dental phobia site.

Keep me posted. :thumbsup:

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