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Newbie ... need treatment for abcess!



Junior member
Jul 6, 2009
Hi, I've just joined this forum and hope that someone out there can help me.

I'm terrified of dentists, but force myself to go annually (can't handle 6 monthly). I have intravenous for everything except the check up which I just about get through providing they don't push and prod too much. I tried no IV for a clean last year and ended up really distressed and sobbing my heart out in the surgery.

My teeth are ok, but not good. Virtually all of them have massive fillings. I have six crowns, root fillings etc., and loads of horror stories about treatment at various dental practices.

Whilst on holiday in Spain I developed an abcess under a crown. I saw a local dentist after first standing in the doorway telling them that I did not, would not have any treatment but just wanted antibiotics. They agreed to have a look, without poking too much and gave me a prescription whilst doubting that it would resolve the problem. It hasn't!!

My dentist has retired and I'm terrified of going to a new one. Does anyone know a really good, kind, patient dentist in the Hemel Hempstead or Watford area. I notice that someone suggested Adrian Mullish in Watford - but has anyone actually been to him??

None of my friends or neighbours are prepared to recommend their dentist as they all have good tooth and know how frightened I am.

Please help!

I'm not near Watford so can't recommend a good dentist for you but I think a good step would be to visit several in your area, have a chat with the receptionist/dentist if they let you and tell them your fears. See how they respond to you, how comfortable you feel in the surroundings etc and go with your gut feeling. If you get a bad feeling then go on to the next one on the list. If you can't face actually going to the surgery try calling or emailing them. A good dentist will understand your fears and work with you to overcome the fears. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable!

Someone from your area may come on and recommend someone but I hope this helps in the meantime.
Hi fatcat, thanks for coming back to me with your support. I keep looking at the phone, and have even picked it up once or twice and dialled the number, but then I put it down. I hate myself for feeling this way. I am desperate to get it sorted out, but just can't make that call. I sort of wish I knew someone locally who felt the same and had found a good, caring dentist. At the same time, I would hate for anyone to feel the way I do. Not sure that makes sense!
I went to a dentist a few years ago who seemed really nice. I explained how I felt and he was really kind and patient during the initial exam. When I went back it was truly awful, even though I reminded him that I was the nervous one. He fitted 6 crowns which were badly done. I spoke with the BDA and ended up lodging an official complaint. I had to have my teeth inspected at one of the London school's who agreed that they were a mess. I had to have them redone, although they did get my money back from him (which he originally refused to do). It turned out that there had been loads of complaints about this dentist.
I am terrified of having repeat performance! Will these feelings ever go away? I feel like I am getting worse the older I get. :cry:

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