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Newbie question: Care after deep cleaning



Junior member
Feb 12, 2008
Hi Guys,
Today I got deep scaling done on one side of the mouth. Once the swelling and numbness disappeared I had some soup and moist bread for my dinner..
I rinsed my mouth with the chlorhexidine mouth wash but since I was spitting out a lot of clotted blood (I am sorry if it sounds disgusting) I accidentally rinsed my mouth with warm water. Since one is not allowed to rinse their mouths after this mouth wash I had to reuse the mouthwash again.
I have been noticing since then that I feel like going and spitting again and again. And there is lot of blood clot. Is it normal? My dentist did tell me that a little bleeding might happen but is it normal to have so much bloodclot. Is it possible that I am actually bleeding internally? I am worried.
Also, I skipped a minute detail.My dentist (periodontist) also put few dissolvable stitches too. Should I just keep on rinsing mymouth with luke warm water and salt today? I hope there is no problem if i overdoing thE rinsing cycle with salt and water?

It will be really helpful if I got some suggestions. Thanks in advance for your time.
Thanks for creating a place for me to ask these questions.
I'm not a dentist, so unfortunately I don't have any words of wisdom-- but if moral support helps at all..... I'm here! I know from my own experience that sometimes a friendly word of support can come in handy. :)

Hang in there, and well done getting your treatment today!
Thanks a lot. Actually I when I came out of the dentist office alone and then came home I really missed my family.. It was more like coping with shock and not knowing whether everything was OK scared me. I guess with everyone's support here I will continue my treatment until I get healed.
Thanks once again.
That's the worst thing, I know, that just-not-quite-sure feeling. Even if everything really is fine, it's the wondering that can make you crazy. I'm sure everything's fine, but hopefully one of our helpful dental professionals will happen by soon with the expert reassurance you need!
Bit odd to put in resorbable sutures after a deep cleaning... did the perio dude raise a flap of gum to get into the areas better?

Anyway, no harm in doing what you're doing, keep it up. And no, you're not likely to be bleeding internally, a little bit of blood in your mouth can go a very long way :)
Thanks for your suggestion. There is no bleeding now. However there are few small clots. I had a big clot over my tooth and when I called the assistant to the doctor she told me it was o.k. and it would come off. It did with a lot fo rinsing I have been doing. Even I thought it odd that he put stitches.. I was so much scared that I didnot even ask him. Is it weird of him to do that? He is in his office only on Monday and Friday so I guess I could ask him that.
I feel he could have done a better job in giving me postcare instructions..

I can talk now atleast. Even though I am still sore..
I had another question though.. Can I brush my teeth now? I am little scared to do so..

Once again thanks for taking time to reply.
Yep, go ahead and brush, just try to do it reasonably gently.
Thanks for your reply. I was able to brush my teeth on the side where deep cleaning was not done. For the otherside all I could do was gently rub my toothbrush over teeth. I could see stitches coming out form gums and was scared to pull them..Even after rinsing my mouth with salt water and listerine and perioguard I still feel the need to clean my teeth nicely..

Thanks once again for your reply.