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Newly Placed Permanent Crown EXTRACTION!? PLEASE HELP!



Apr 16, 2014
To make a long story short I got a crown for a cracked filling 4 weeks ago, I knew something felt off because it hurt horribly for 3 weeks and killed when I got the permanent on..I even asked the dentist several times if it was ok to put the crown on considering I was in pain and I told him I had a hunch that it needed a root canal but he brushed me off and said it was normal...I knew it wasn't. I went to my husbands dentist for a second opinion, he checked my bite and he gave me an x-ray, he said I definitely needed a root canal. He referred me to an endodontist who I called and was informed that with sedation and root canal it will cost $2,660..UP FRONT. I absolutely can not afford that anytime soon and my dental insurance is completely maxed. The tooth is causing me constant pain, I can't even chew bread on it, it's so sensitive. There's no chance we could come up with that money even in 2 years..we are a family of 4 living off one income. I called the dentist and he isn't in til monday but the receptionist said she doesn't think he'll want to extract it seeing as the permanent was just placed. If I were to get it extracted how hard or painful would it be to remove the permanent crown? Also was the original dentist wrong to brush me off when I voiced my concern about a root canal? Should he have done an x-ray before he placed the crown? It's a very sketchy dental office and his reviews online are horrible...I found this out after I went. I'm just so frustrated.
Yes he should have done x rays and he should have made sure you weren't in so much pain before doing the crown. I think he saw the $$$$ I am presuming you are in the US.

Is there a dental hospital or training school that would see you they sometimes take on patients at much less cost than it would normally cost you. I think the dentist that you saw should pay for a rct to be done as he caused the discomfort you are in now by neglect. :butterfly:

I would write to the dentist you saw and see if he is prepared to correct this issue for you.