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Newry, County Down website links



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Mar 23, 2006
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Appletree Dental, in Newry, County Down :
TLC and/or i/v sedation available.
A recommendation from the Internet by someone who travels from Eire:
"Hi there, havent been on this in a while but just saw the Q re dentists that provide general anaesthetic etc.
The place I have been going to in Newry offer conscious sedation if you are very nervous. I am having it as part of wisdom teeth extraction visit (local anaesthetic and conscious sedation)

You can read about it on their website www.appletreedental.co.uk.

I had a root canal done last week and was EXTREMELY nervous but said i would give it a go without the sedation thing. They numbed me up really well and I genuinely did not feel a thing. She asked me how i was doing every couple of mins (the patient care there is second to none) and it was actually a less uncomfortable experience than when i was up there 2 weeks before getting fillings as you dont have the same amount of drilling etc. It actually took away a load of the pains i have been having so I left feeling a lot lot better than when i arrived."

"Sorry guys, just saw the requsts re dental clinic in Newry.

Their website was on my last post but will give some info below also to save people having to ask for it.

Its Appletree Dental in Newry (appletreedental.co.uk) They are based on Kilmorey street which is less than ten mins walk from the two main shopping centres in Newry (The Quays and cant fully remem name of the other one but its the Bucrane or somethine like that) I have been getting the train from Connolly station in Dublin up for my visits as I live in Dublin city centre. Train only cost €29 euro for a day return. Usually I hop in a cab then in Newry station to take me to town centre as station is a bit far out. Standard cab fare is £5.00.

I have been to the clinic twice so far and genuinely could not recommend the dentists and clinic staff highly enough. The value for money is second to none. And the practice and facilities and excellent and very modern for example on my first appointment I found out I had a load of work to do (as per previous post). They give you a treatment plan with a mini printout of your xray on the top so you can see exactly what you are going to be having done at each of your visits (I have about 6-7 visits to go so it was really useful for me to have) It shows the expected cost of each of your visits so you can budget accordingly and also links the activities in the appointment to the teeth in the xray so it shows that in your second appointment you are having root canal on tooth number 5 etc. This might be standard, I dont know. But I thought it was very good.

The owner and dentist I have been going to is called Katrina, she has been excellent. I cant over emphasise how nervous I was going up and she has just been brilliant to deal with and I am really oevrcoming my dental fears and dental problems because of her. I also met the guy who is going to do my wisdom teeth extractions. His name is Conor and he specialises in Oral Surgery etc. He couldnt have been more helpful and spent 20 mins going through the wisdom teeth situation with me and all my options etc.

The costs of my visits have been my main driver for going up North. I paid £120 sterling (under €130 euro at the time) for my first visit a few weeks ago. This included 20-30 min checkup and consultation, xrays, 2 small fillings. I know from talking to people here that fillings down South cost anywhere between 60 and 160 euro depending on who you were talking to so this was really good value.

My root canal cost £130 sterling (the root canal filling will be about another £100 I think and this will be done on next visit) I talked to a guy in work the other day who said his root canal procedure cost him almost a grand here. I don't know where he got it done but it just gives people a sense of it.

All the prices etc are on their website."

(source: [broken boards.ie link removed])
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Newry, County Down

Dentist Recommended on iVenus forum in response to a request from a phobic patient:
' I go to a lovely man called Raymond Duffin at O'Farrell Staunton in Newry. I have recommended lots of my friends to go to him and they all have been more than happy. I have found that he is not pushing expensive treatments onto you like I have experienced here.' (February 2009 [broken link removed] )

O'Farrell Staunton Dental Care
34 Upper Mill Street, Newry, Co. Down, N.Ireland
BT34 1EY
028 30262322 or ROI 048 30262322

Quote From Website:
'Nervous Patients
Almost everyone is nervous to some degree about going to the dentist. We treat all patients in a kind and gentle manner. This is the best way to reduce nerves in the long term.
Some patients are, however, extremely nervous and require, at least initially, some form of sedation. Sometimes sedation is required if a particularly unpleasant procedure, such as surgery, has to be performed.

Our philosophy regarding sedation is based on treating all our patients in a kind and gentle way so that eventually they find that they do not need the sedation at all.

We can offer Inhalational sedation (commonly called Twilight Sleep)
Each patient has to be individually assessed.
Inhalational sedation has several advantages. It is very short acting and once the work is done there are no after effects. The patient need not be accompanied and can carry on normal activities almost immediately'

Re: Newry, County Down

I have been there! Top class! I had nitrous oxide for quite a large filling and it really helped. A lovely dentist but unfortunately I can't remember which one I saw!
Re: Newry, County Down Website Links:

I notice Appletree mentioned in [broken link removed] so they must be good and some of my family have attended there and are full of praise
Re: Newry, County Down Website Links:

I have been to O'Farrell and Staunton in Newry and though I'm not sure if it was O'Farrell or Staunton I saw*, I couldn't fault him. Kind, calm, gentle and with a good whiff of nitrous oxide, I sailed through an awkward filling! :)

*he was slim, grey hair, glasses with lots of yacht pictures on the wall if you want to specify when making an appointment!!!