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News story: "Dentists 'mislead patients' about NHS entitlements."



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Jan 15, 2011
It was reported in the news yesterday about an Office of Fair Trading study which found that NHS patients are not being informed properly about their options and entitlements - and in particular, that people often end up paying private prices for treatment or materials they were actually entitled to on the NHS. The report also critcised how difficult it is for NHS patients to have access to a hygienist, and felt that the complaints system needed simplifying too.

Since these are all issues that have been discussed a lot on DFC, I thought I'd post a link for those who are interested, and haven't read the story: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/05/28/health-dentists-mislead-nhs-patients_n_1550711.html . (It was covered by most major newspapers / sites, but I've linked to this particular report because it's the first one I could find without a huge picture of an open mouth receiving dental treatment at the top! :o)

Let's hope some real change follows. (Although, I have to say, imo the BDA's response is pretty disappointing.)


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Mar 30, 2009
omaha, nebraska
Re: News story: "Dentists 'mislead patients' about NHS entitlements."

Sounds loke these issues persist no matter what country you live in. As the US prepares to transition to the first universal health care system option in its history, there has been, and no doubt will continue to be, rousing discussions on issues of cost versus patient care.