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Next Appt in 1 Hour !!!

Re: 2nd part root canal filling today

Just stopping in to say you'll do great today!

I completely understand having your fears flood back even though you know the appointment is going to be easy. Your dentist sounds absolutely wonderful, so just focus on the good! (my dentist is a looker too... :-*)
Re: 2nd part root canal filling today

ok I went, I have to say it wasn't a wonderful experience.........but I got through it, in fact it was a really weird experience, right down to having a green rubber little sheet over my mouth, boy I was not expecting that !!

I was in his chair for 2 hours and I STILL have to go back next Tuesday to get it finished off (is this normal??) he said that one of my roots was bent quite badly and was very difficult to do, I think he felt that after 2 hours I'd had enough (I had :whistle:) had he not been messing in my mouth I could have quite happily gone to sleep........does anyone else find the dentist boring ?????

I have to say though that my tooth and gum tonight is mighty sore and I have had to take some pain killers, he said it would be sore.....I asked him what kind of filling it would end up with and he said a white one, so I guess that he will just build my tooth back up rather than putting a crown on>>
Maybe some one knows what they do???

Anyway I'm away to my bed for some much needed shut eye,..........that is if the pain doesn't keep me awake :(
Re: 2nd part root canal filling today

Courage is the ability to conquer fear. Just wanted to say, I disagree with that. In my book, courage is the ability to carry on despite the fear.
Re: 2nd part root canal filling today

ok point taken :redface:
Re: 2nd part root canal filling today

Well done Anniebea, I have nerver had a root cannal done but you have done really well getting through all your treatment, and spending so long in the dentists chair.
Re: 2nd part root canal filling today

Thank you Geirant, I am well pleased with myself too :jump: each appointment is still a struggle but I know it will get better, and I so badly want to be in the position where all I need is a check up every year.............now wouldn't that be great !:thumbsup:
OMG my nerves are at me, so I have come here again to read som encouraging posts :) my next appointment is in 1 hour and I am yet again frightened, I know I will be ok and I know my dentist is lovely and kind and understanding but it still doesn't stop all of my fears surfacing.

I am to have a massive filling at the back, quite a bit of my molar has dropped off and yet he still thinks he can fill it !! we will see.

I will log in again when I get home. The encourgment here is second to none, thank you all so much for your posts :)
I know how you feel! While my dentist is just like yours I still get anxious before going to her. Just think that you'll come home from another appointment you accomplished! Also I think it helps to think about what you'd like to do AFTER the appointment so you can concentrate taht and then treat yourself afterwards. ;D
I hope it all went well and that you are done!

Congratulate yourself tonight and do something fun!

Hi it all went very well, he even de-tarterd them ! and polished them ! he gave me a lovely white filling and really it didn't take too long.
Best of all he says he doesn't need to see me for another 7-months :jump:

I feel proud of myself as I have had lots of treatment done over the past few months and I am just so glad I plucked up the courage to go thak you so much everyone :grouphug:
Great news well done :jump::party::jump:

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