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Next appt on monday...not feeling so confident



Mar 11, 2008
Well, I have been somewhat dreading my next appt, it's only for more fillings but it's an hour and a half appt like the last one, and it will probably be $800 like the last one :( And I just found out that I don't have anyone to take me to the appt because my mom is busy even though she knew about it...she forgot I guess. So that means I have to take myself and I can't take the anti anxiety meds, maybe if I have to go without them and everything goes alright it will really help me get over my fear more quikly. We'll see, just not feeling to confident right now, I don't really feel terrified like before my first appt so I guess that's a good sign. :hidesbehindsofa:
Do you know if your dentist might have nitrous that you could have?
I am sure that everything will go fine for you, but if you really feel that you need, or that it would help to have someone go with you, cannot you ask another relative or a good friend? I know that in the early days of my treatment there is no way I could have gone by myself. Anyhow, I do hope your appointment goes well, as I am sure it will. As you say, you are not as terrified of this up and coming appt as you were so that is a good thing. All the best and do let us know how it all goes.
My dentist doesn't offer nitrous, they do offer something similar but it would add quite a bit to the cost of the appt so it's not really an option for me. Pretty much everyone else works during the day so they won't be able to take me, my bf's sister is the only other person and my appt is on her birthday so I don't want to ask her to take me since it's so early in the morning and she'll probably go out the night before, plus we don't get along that well so I try not to ask for favors from her unless I have to. I thought about driving to the dentist an hour beforehand so that I could take the meds when I got there but I forgot I would have to drive home after :rolleyes: I guess I will figure it out. I really wish that I could cancel it though, if it weren't for the cost I would probably not be as worried and the place where I work is switching ownership on thursday and the new owner offers insurance. I don't know how much it will be but i'm sure it will be less than I would have to pay for dental care without insurance plus I'll be able to go to other doctor's appts too...but I guess it's too late for that.
Have you considered taking a cab to the dentist office?
I also thought about a cab. You could also take a bus or walk to the dentist's office an hour before and take a taxi for coming back. If you feel you need anti-anxiety meds, it would be good to find out some way to do that. If you aren't confident without meds, your appt may not be a good one. If you take the meds, not much so you'll remember what happened, you can behave like a normal person at the dentist and realise your procedure isn't horrible, and get rid of your fear. That's what happened to me!
Best of luck with your appt. tomorrow. I hope that everything goes well and that you find the visit is over before you know it. :thumbsup: I'll be sending you and all the other members with appt.'s tomorrow positive thoughts. I'm due for my check-up so I may even find the time to send them from the dental chair! ;D (That's one way to keep me occupied so I don't jump up and run away! LOL :ROFLMAO:)

Please let us know how everything goes; I look forward to reading your success story!!

Good luck at your appointment tomorrow.
I am off to sleep and I will place you in my prayers and send all kinds of positive energy your way.
You can do this.:jump::XXLhug::hug2::grouphug:
I hope that everything went well today and look forward to hearing your update. :grouphug:
well, i am alive! :) My sister's bf gave me a ride to the dentist and my sister picked me up. I only took 75% of the dose of medicine since I am trying to decrease the amount I take each time I go. I definitely noticed a difference as far as being more aware and less "out of it" but it relaxed me enough to get me through the door although I was still pretty anxious during the procedure. It didn't make me any less tired though as I passed out for like 7 hours as soon as I got home, so that sucked (I hate seeping the day away). My appt started almost an hour late but I was only 10 mins late getting out. Must be that there wasn't as much work as they thought. They ended up filling 3(?) cavaties and best of all the wisdom tooth on the top that they told me last time would need a root canal or extraction just needed a filling.
More good news on the financial front as well, this appt only came to $306! Which is still a lot of money but waaayyy better than $800 like last time. The worst part of the day was being so nervous in the morning and the injections :hidesbehindsofa:. I think I will have to let them know next time that the injection bothered me so they can use more numbing cream or do it slower. I think my dentist probably liked it better when I took the full dose of meds because I raised my hand about 4x more this time :p All in all it went well and all the hygenists and desk staff told me that I was doing great when I went to the front to check out. Also, with the exception of one root canal or extraction that I am waiting for insurance to take care of everything on the left side is done! :jump: Thanks so much for all the support, I never would have gotten this far without this site. :grouphug:
Great Job:jump:

I hope your celebrating:cheers:

We are so proud of u.:grouphug:
Didn't you do well then! Congratulations, big pat on the back is due. And also how marvellous that less work than you anticipated and also cost-wise much less. 3 reasons to celebrate. Well done.:grouphug:

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