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NHS cost question



Nov 14, 2010
Hi all.

I had wisdom tooth pain a few weeks ago, saw my NHS dentist, who diagnosed an infection and decay, and was then referred to a local clinic to have it extracted. That appointment is coming up this Thursday (gulp!)

I think I'm right in assuming there will be no additional costs to pay when I visit this new dentist this week, but I wanted to make sure. Could somebody clarify?

Have you already paid your own dentist the NHS fee for the extraction ? If so then you should not have to pay again.
The bill I paid to my first dentist was for Band 1 treatment (X-ray, prescription, referral).

So I'm not sure when/how much to pay the dentist I've been referred to. It's complicated by the NHS website saying 'If hospital treatment is required, it will be provided through the NHS free of charge,' but presumably being referred to a private clinic doesn't count.

Confused as to whether it's:

1. Free
2. £32 (topping up the Band 1 charge to bring it to Band 2)
3. £50.50 (paying a new dentist the full Band 2, even if referred)

I'm also unsure whether I'd pay at that dentist, or when I go for my check-up back at my usual place.

In your situation I would a) expect only to pay the difference and b) say nothing at all to anyone about payment but wait to be asked. If you are asked to pay anything other than the difference then insist on a full justification. Don't pay any more than the standard NHS charge whatever the argument !
Thanks for the reply, Biffo! I'm definitely expecting NHS charges. I'm going to give the clinic a call tomorrow to see if they can clarify how much will be expected.
Well, I gave the clinic a call this morning, and they confirmed that I wouldn't have to pay a penny as it is technically an NHS hospital referral. That's a small chink of light before getting my mouth assaulted. ;)