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NHS dentist St Helens



Junior member
Mar 17, 2010
I have spent 10 years avoiding the dentist and the last 6 months trying to find one I feel comfortable enough with to allow them to help me. I have visited numerous dentists and even had consultations just to see how they are but none seemed to acknowledge my anxiety or spoke to me like I was a child with an irrational fear. I am 24 years old..I was in St Helens last week and my mum (yes I couldn't even walk into the waiting room on this occasion) went in to explain my anxieties, a couple of minutes later the dentist herself came outside to talk to me, she was lovely and did not make me feel stupid at all, she understood me so well I am almost convinced she has dealt with a fear of the dentist in her own past! She offered to show me around to which I agreed but never forced anything, for example she took me to the door of her room and asked "would you like to go in or just look today?..do you have any questions about the room or the tools or anything at all?" she insisted everything be done at my own pace, that if I were to book a check up I would be in control.

I am an NHS patient who does not have to pay for my treatment and yet she took this time out to put me at ease, so much so that I managed to book an appointment for next Thursday. I will update my post then but even as a first port of call to get yourself through a dentist's door I highly recommend her. It is a very modern surgery with lovely staff, nothing like the scary ones of the past, I will leave her details below.

Helen Wheddon, Alverna House Dental Practice, 45 Blackbrook Rd, Saint Helens

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