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NHS IV Sedation Aberdeen



Junior member
May 17, 2017
Hello. I hope that someone can help. A dental phobia all my life, in desperate need of a dentist in Aberdeen UK that provides nhs iv sedation. I have a broken tooth and am in immense pain with it.

Thanks for reading
My dentist does IV sedation under NHS and is amazing with anyone who has dental phobia. Ive gone through countless appointments with him on my road to overcoming dental phobia and around 2 extractions, 2 root canals and 30 fillings i finally did it all thanks to him. He has even taken my appointments a good 30mins over what was booked if i needed to take things slower. As for the IV sedation trips my first one i was too nervous so he just tried to comfort me and show me what i need for the IV to start working. Second time i managed it and i had most of my fillings done in a hour.

However one thing to note that i also have found it hard to get IV sedation around Aberdeen but as i live a little further north the one im going to is in Elgin. If your still interested please let me know and ill get you details :)