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Feb 18, 2023
Manchester uk

Just wondering if a dentist or anyone can help ?
I’ve found a NHS practice they have taken my details and said once I have had my surgery and my mouth has healed, book an appointment take it from there .
So am wondering will they be able too help me with bridges ? I have a few missing teeth at the bottom sides , and upper back .
Would I be a candidate for that ? I just want too at least feel a bit better as it’s having a big impact on me and I’m willing too go through the process no matter how difficult or stressful it is .

Sorry but probably not. Bridges are technically available under the NHS but the fees to the dentist for making them are a total joke so almost nobody will do them... having said that replacing multiple missing teeth isn't really a good option for bridgework.
@Gordon what’s my options?

I hardly speak or show anyone my mouth which isn’t good at all . I’m even going down the route of getting a loan out so what would they do for me ? Can they do partial dentures
Partial dentures probably, they can be made to look very natural. implants might be possible if you can afford them, it's hard to say for sure without seeing you.
@Gordon thanks yes partial dentures I’m really hoping for . Wouldn’t be able too afford implants but I’d really happy with partial dentures . Honestly I’d be very grateful even if they are NHS because I really am struggling.Thanks for the help will keep everyone updated post surgery and when i visit the new dentist with what they say .
Fingers crossed because this will help me so much .

Lots of useful info in this FAQ
@Gordon thanks !

Another question can dentures be done without impressions ? So basically because I already have missing teeth can they still do the partial dentures ?
No. You'd need fresh impressions after any extractions or fillings are done.
Partial dentures are designed to replace a few missing teeth.
@Gordon so once my mouth has healed shall I see the dentist and then get them too do the impressions?
Oh no I thought I could have them done with the teeth I have already lost ?
Yes, that's the best way to do it.
@Gordon an appointment booked for the 4th of September and she said that they like too wait 3months then do the impressions.

I feel excited that soon or in a few months I’ll have extra teeth and it will make me feel a lot better!

Thanks for all the help
Will update after the surgery

@Gordon thanks very much !
Pre op all done although didn’t have my bloods done ?
Scared but needs too be done
Thanks !