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Night gaurds question



Aug 17, 2008
I have always had dentist made night gaurds but I always seem to bite threw them on my right back side, just the part that covers my back bottom tooth. I am tired of spending so much money on getting them made and was wondering if any over the counter ones work just as wel, not to mention I dont like being in the dentist chair anymore than I have too. I saw one online called stress gaurd, it got good and bad reviews. I hate to ask my dentist cause I feel that he will of course want me to have HIM make one. I just dont want to have one made every year. I have had a hard splint and a soft splint and nothing seems to last. I just want a honest answer.
The soft guard is doing its job by sacrificing itself for the sake of your teeth. The over the counter ones aren't so tough and tend to not fit quite so well, they might do the job or they might not, if they're that cheap why not buy one and try it?