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Night guard causing pain?



Junior member
May 26, 2016

A couple of months ago I got a night guard from my dentist. There was no evidence that I actually grind my teeth but I do clench my jaw shut when asleep. It was causing problems with the muscles under my jaw and down my neck not the actual teeth or jaw joint. Anyway he suggested giving the night guard a try.

It seems to fit well - it's comfortable and nothing rubs or digs in. However after I first started wearing it my back lower left tooth started hurting when I ate anything crunchy (cereal etc). I went into panic as usual and researched and thought it was a cracked tooth. I had a check up coming up at the dentist so just decided to only eat soft foods and wait until my appointment. However the pain started to go off and I found myself eating crunchy things and barely noticing any pain. I thought maybe I had damaged the ligament or something and now it had recovered. I was going to tell the dentist anyway at my check up.

I then caught a cold and developed a bad sinus infection which needed antibiotics. I had to cancel my check up and put it back until the end of Nov. I also had to stop using my night guard as I couldn't breathe at night and was in so much pain from the sinuses I just couldn't bear the night guard as well.

I am now recovered from the sinusitis and two nights ago started to wear my night guard again as under my jaw was really sore again from not wearing it. But today my back tooth is hurting again whenever I bite any food or even put pressure on it from my tongue. Also the right lower back tooth hurts as well although not as bad.

Could this be caused by the tooth guard? Am I biting on it so hard it's injuring my teeth or I'm cracking them or something?
I was just starting to calm down about tooth sensitivity from my sinusitis now I'm freaking out about this.
I can't face ringing the dentist - mine is away on holiday and not back until it's my check up at the end of Nov.

Its just one thing after another and my anxiety is through the roof.

Should I continue with the night guard? I don't know what to do. I know if the pain gets worse I will have to force myself to go to the dentist.

sorry for going on and on.
If the nightguard is putting slightly more pressure on those teeth it can make them sore and sensitive. When you see your dentist, tell him which teeth are hurting and ask if he can adjust those areas on the nightguard. It is very unlikely you're doing any permanent damage such as cracking or breaking the teeth.