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Night Guard Question



Junior member
Nov 19, 2016
Hey all. New here. This is my second post. Side note I have 3 crowns in the back molars and am getting a 4th crown on the other back molar. Very anxious but I have a separate thread for all that. I also have tmj issues in the result of popping/crackling for the last yr. No pain. I think it is cause by a bit of a deep bite, jaw dislocation in college, and teeth grinding every now and then while sleeping. I think this only occurs when I am stressed which I really am right now.

Just got a small night guard for upper teeth. Have used it for 2 nights. I think it is actually helping relieve tension in my jaw. My only question is related to how tight it is. I am getting more and more used to it but I still have a bit of concern in how tight it is. My dentist spent a long time getting it to fit just right so he wasn't careless at all. I think I am only really concerned because it is tight on my front two teeth. One of those had an abscess a little over a year ago and RCT. The other one is fine but I fear it will eventually succumb to RCT on it eventually given my overbite and history of nail biting (which I'm stopping now).

Anyways hopes that makes sense. Appreciate wisdom from anyone who has had a night guard.
I also have a night guard and it does feel tight. It's like auctioned to my teeth almost. It does take some getting use to and I don't notice the feeling much anymore.
Hi there. Sounds like your nightguard is an NTI, where it snaps to your two front teeth and makes it so the rest of your teeth don't touch. I wore an NTI for about four months earlier this year. It was extremely tight when I first got it, so much so that I was worried about being able to get it off without the dentist there to help me! My dentist also took his time getting it to fit just right. He told me that he had to be careful because if he shaved away too much of the molding, it would be too loose and he'd have to redo the impression.

The good news is that, about a week into wearing it, it seemed to loosen up just a bit and became much easier to take off. Before that, I was literally getting dents in my thumb in my effort to remove it! So just hang in there. It definitely gets less tight over time. Good luck!
So last night was my 4th night wearing my night guard. I have really begun to look forward to wearing it as it feels like my teeth or protected. I love that I cannot clamp down on my teeth. That being said, today I woke up with a small amount of of blood at the tip of my gum line between my two front teeth and my jaw was just a tad tired but nothing major at all. Now, while I was flossing the night before I accidentally jabbed that spot pretty good where I woke up with bleeding. At the time I thought for sure it was going to bleed but it did not. Also, it is not a normal place of bleeding. I am wondering if I didn't have my guard on quite all the way and also if the two are completely unrelated.