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Nitrous and Valium for complete extractions



Jul 18, 2021
I am scheduled to have a complete mouth extraction (15 teeth, 2 of which will be surgical) and alveoloplasty under nitrous and Valium. Most of my teeth are extremely loose already. I am in a panic about the numbing shots. I am sure there will be numerous shots and my biggest phobia is the needles in my mouth. Will I be able to feel each injection? If I will be able to can anyone suggest how I can handle this panic? Will I also be able to hear the teeth being removed and feel anything? Does the avleoloplasty cause additional pain and a longer recovery? Will I feel the grinding? I do appreciate any assistance and encouragement I can get!
Hi Ladydi1724,

not a dentist and can‘t give you an exact answer, but the purpose of valium and nitrous is to calm you down, so it is very unlikely you would panic about everything the way you do when you‘re not under meds. So the question may be not whether you will feel the injections it or not, but more whether it will freak you out. I think that it won‘t, because you will be very calm and your perception will be changed. With the nitrous, chances are that you won‘t even notice much of the treatment. We have a great article about how nitrous works here if you like to read more about how it feels. We also have one about oral sedation (which applies to valium) here.

All the best wishes
I have not had multiple extractions under nitrous, but I have had extractions and implants and a root canal done while under nitrous. The thing about nitrous that I like is that it takes down your anxiety level so that you don’t care as much about what is going on. I would make sure you tell them that the shots are your main fear, because my surgeons would start the nitrous but keep it low until after the numbing shots, until I brought it up. The last time they turned it up and it was much easier. You are “aware” of the shots but the nitrous makes it less painful as well. Make sure to take deep breaths in through your nose and don’t hold your breath as the nitrous works through inhalation. Don’t breathe through your mouth. It basically makes you feel like in a dream state. The Valium will help as well.
Does your dentist offer IV sedation at all? Personally, I’d be inclined to go with that for this type of surgery.
He does not offer IV sedation but I’d very aware of my phobia and concerns. Can I ask why you say this? It was just scheduled for next Wednesday. Getting very nervous and sick to my stomach!
Sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you! I just mentioned it in case there was this option (being pretty much unaware of what’s happening). Your dentist would be in a far better position to judge how things will go than some stranger on the internet ?!