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Nitrous Oxide price???



Junior member
Apr 19, 2014
Hi Guys. So I'm from NYC, and i was asked a dentist how much he charges for nitrous oxide. They wrote back to me that it's $175 per HALF HOUR. That seems to me to be ridiculously expensive. Is that right? What is the going price for nitrous oxide? I believe my Oral Surgeon charged me $175 but that was for the whole procedure. Not per half hour. Thats crazy.

That price sounds very steep to me. I've never paid more than $100 for nitrous for one session. The rates around here are always per session and they go from $75 - $150. Not sure how the price is determined though. With my dental discount plan it's $27 for one session.

I'd call around and ask different offices what they charge.

Good luck.

I have numerous patients from NYC here in Miami because many come here to vacation or even commute from home here to work in NYC so I have an idea of prices there. You happen to be in the most expensive major city to have anything done. All costs are very high there. I charge less than 1/2 of the nitrous charge and that is true rather it is only 30 minutes or 2 hours.
I hope this helps.
Hi Guys,

I live in California and my dentist provides nitrous for free to his patients. I even use it when I get my teeth cleaned. He is a really nice guy and his practice goes out of their way to make their patients comfortable. I started seeing him after a 12 year absence from the dentist due to my phobia. They have helped me so much I got all my dental work done and I have continued to go for the last 3 years. Never missing an appointment. That is a miracle for me and it is because of their care, xanax, and the nitrous that I am able to do this. I wish more dentists realized what a lifesaver (or teeth saver in this case) it can be.