No blood clot / Is this 'dry socket'? :(



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Jun 28, 2013
Blergh. I finally got my gross molar removed on Tuesday (YAY! :D) but this morning I woke up with no blood clot. It was there from Tues up until now. I haven't been touching it often, but in the morning I did lightly touch it with my tongue just to make sure it was there (paranoid about it falling out).

I've followed the aftercare instructions perfectly, but the clot is definitely gone now. I think maybe I snored or something and it sucked itself out of the hole during the night. :\

I'm worried that now the wound won't heal or something. I'm REALLY worried about 'dry socket' and how painful it apparently is.

I am in pain, and have been since the extraction, but it isn't excruciating yet. Ice packs on my cheek seems to help a tiny bit, and the painkillers are ok, but the pain doesn't really go away or anything. I'm fine with that as long as it doesn't get worse... :)

Do you think it will heal ok? Is there anything I should do or look for? My dentist is an hour away and I can't really afford the transport costs right now to go and get it checked out.

Thank you!


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Oct 25, 2005
It's probably fine by now, leave it over the weekend unless it really flares up.