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No longer terrified but I don't want to go back



Junior member
Mar 2, 2014
After not going to the dentist for 15+ years, I had one perfect first appointment, a good second one, a third OK one and the last made me want to run for the hills. The last two were with a different dentist than the first (same practice, though). Why don't all dentists use topical anesthetic first before the injection? The last appointment was for a cavity on the bottom and the needle made me jump out of my skin. Then the total numbness took me by surprise and I felt freaked out by the fact that I couldn't feel my throat. I felt like gagging the whole time and at one point had to sit up for a few minutes. After I left, I felt weird, shaky, faint, a little sick as well. My heart was pounding. I sat outside at the back of the building for almost two hours before I could even start heading for home. Public transit only takes about 30 minutes but I didn't get home until three hours after the appointment was done.
Although I don't have to go back until January, this has really brought all my fears back. And I actually wasn't scared about the procedures, just embarrassed that I hadn't gone for so long.
I already suffer from anxiety and take meds when needed but I can't stop thinking about how awful I felt afterwards. My gums feel sore from the injection (which I know is common and will go away) but my heart keeps pounding when I think about it. I don't want to not go for another 10 years again.


Super Moderator
Staff member
Jul 26, 2017
Sioux Falls, SD

Wow.. so sorry to hear of your last experience with the injections and not using topical and the whole thing.. no wonder you would not want to go back anytime soon.. Can you email and ask that you have the one dentist you had a great experience with and share your experience , even just telling them you need someone who will give you topical and take their time giving the injections because it makes you anxious? Many clinics would be happy to accomodate your requests when they know your preferences and fears.. but maybe they are busy so if someone doesn't say they just go about doing it according to their own ways and putting you with whatever dr has next opening or what ways that dentist is used to doing things..

I find email a really easier and less threatening way to reach out with my concerns. maybe you would or wouldn't? just an idea. to get it out there and if they say no... look for a more phobic friendly dentist who will be very sensitive about your needs.


Well-known member
Apr 23, 2015
United Kingdom
I go regularly to the dentist but still terrifed and don't want to go back. I have talked to my dentist who know I am scared, she has never shouted at how bad my teeth are, she seen worst, it is because I got a small overcrowding mouth.

She must have talked to another dentist (or have notes on my records) but the last dentist I saw he did not shout at me, the reason I saw another dentist as my dentist was out on service going round homes looking at people teeth who cannot get into a dentist (mainly elder people)

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