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No lower dentures allowed


no teeth

Junior member
Mar 31, 2018
In sept 2017 I had oral surgery to remove a malignant tumor from the floor of my mouth. Along with that half of my tongue was removed as well as all of my teeth. A good portion of my chin bone was also removed. I then went thru 6 weeks of radiation/chemo therapy. I visited my dental surgeon this past week to ask about dentures. She said she did not want me to even consider dental implants or lower dentures and that I would have to live with only upper dentures. My question(s) is this: Is there anyone that lives day-to-day with only upper dentures. If so, what is your experience like? Should I seriously be condemned to living without the luxury of lower teeth forever?
The risk with surgery is osteoradionecrosis. This is a serious problem. If you have access to a major medical teaching center you may want to consider a consult with the OMS department. Pending on co-mobidities they may consider hyperbaric oxygen therapy with dental implants.