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Normal or?



Sep 16, 2010
Sorry for all the questions lately, it's been a hell of a month dental wise. So 10 days ago I got my second molar top right removed. The healing from that (aka the hole) went pretty well. Of course, I ended up with a pretty bad mouth alcer just above the extracted tooth that stretched along the healing gums. That (thankfully) seems to be better today. However, when I chew the tooth next to the extraction bangs against my bottom teeth and causes some pain. Likewise when I brush. In other words, I am still having aches, and mild pain in the area 10 days later. Is this normal? I assume it takes a while for it to completely heal? I guess I am just worrying and want to hear if this falls into the normal aches and pains of getting a molar pulled! Thanks in advance!
It sounds reasonably OK. There's a fair amount of healing to go on after an extraction.