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Normal post RC pain or Is the infection back.... Dentist please Help !



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Aug 10, 2009
Hi All, Sorry am back again, I really need some advice because I am so scared:cry:

My tooth had been opened from the top after my face had swollen after an abscess and hard bony lump in gum and the tooth sort of buzzed painfully when I pressed the lump. The tooth has been draining from the top and contained a dressing for three weeks. The lump got smaller and the tooth stopped buzzing. My dentist opened the tooth located the missed nerve cleaned it filled the tooth. The whole procedure took about half an hour and despite no anaesthetic I felt nothing apart from a shooting pain when he pushed the file deep into the bottom of my tooth, but he stopped after that, and felt nothing for the rest of the day. Also during the procedure I did not smell bleach or anything.

The next morning however I touched my gum when I woke up and the buzz was back. I also think the bony lump in my gum is getting bigger but it is hard to tell as it never completely went away. I think perhaps there is still a tiny bit of nerve still deep in the tooth. He took an Xray after the procedure, but I don't know the out come as he sent me on my way.

Please can you tell me if this sounds like normal post procedure pain or is the infection back. :confused:

It's so hard to get to the dentist as I don't drive and there is no public transport so have to get my husband to take me, so I don't want to waste everyone's time.The weekend is approaching and I don't want to lose my tooth.

I would also like to know, if I lose it how soon I can have a partial denture :confused:
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Re: Normal post RC pain or Is the infection back.... Dentist please Help !

Can I add that when I press the lump the tooth quite painful.. Please help I am desperate to get this sorted by the weekend as I am worried my face will swell again.
Re: Normal post RC pain or Is the infection back.... Dentist please Help !


It sounds like the tissue around the tooth got a bit irritated as a result of the RCT and it reacts with a small local inflammation. If this is the case, you might feel a bit of sensitivity for a couple of days, especially when biting on the tooth, and than it will be pain free again.
The fact that you did not feel pain during the treatment is a very good sign. I guess that the file that was painful got the tissue around the root a bit irritated.
Wait a few days a see how it goes. If you still have doubts, call your dentist.
Re: Normal post RC pain or Is the infection back.... Dentist please Help !

Thanks Dr Daniel,

Fingers Crossed then, I will see how it goes over the weekend then and keep praying :thumbsup: