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North Shields - Ewan Bramley: great dentist for nervous patients



Junior member
Jan 18, 2011
I would like to recommend Ewan Bramley in North Shields on the Fish Quay.

You could not get a more nervous patient than i was back in December when I was forced to go to the dentist because of a infection spreading up my face closing my eye from a infected tooth. Even in that much pain I did not want to go. I could not even face sitting in the chair or opening my mouth but Ewan was brilliant and all of the staff make you feel at ease. Was reassured that I was in control of the treatment and it was baby sterps. I had a root canal filling and can honestly say it did not hurt at all.

Today I have just had 2 more fillings and I did not even mind going it was a breeze and did not even get worked up about it. Can now for the first time in my life see a time when I will go for 6 monthly check ups and not wait for the emergency that has always in the past forced me to go.

Can not thank Ewan enough, anyone who is phobic should give them a try it does change your life.

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