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Not as scared anymore



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Jul 1, 2018
So I am not done with all my dental work, but I realized today that my fear of extractions and surgeries have lessened considerably.

Before last year, I hadn't had a tooth extraction, or anything more than a few cavities and one crown since I had multiple horrendous experiences as a child where I had extractions with not enough anesthetic.

I have now survived my biggest fears...extraction and surgeries. I have had three molars extracted (one implant placed), two apicoectomies, and an extra (yes extra) impacted wisdom tooth removed.

The local anesthetic worked, I was able to use nitrous oxide for many of the procedures, and I had kind, compassionate professionals doing the work.

So I am not as terrified of my upcoming double surgery, where I am getting one lower implant, and my upper front tooth extracted, bone grafting and wrap, and an implant placed. Thinking about it does not give me the shakes or make my heart race.

That is a success! Now I just have to overcome my fear of the actual office, so that I don't shut down and can actually have a discussion with my dentist/oral surgeon. If I carry a written list of questions I can manage that, but anything unexpected and I freeze.