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Not been to dentist in 9 years after bad experience



Junior member
Mar 2, 2021
Hi all,

I've recently just come across this forum and if the title doesn't give it away I have a fear of the dentist after a pretty horrendous attempt at a wisdom tooth extraction when I was 19/20. Prior to that I had really healthy teeth and gums but since that day I just couldn't face going back and that's where my phobia then started.

9 years later my teeth are really paying the price, some are decayed and falling apart and I can't bring myself to smile or even speak to friends or family due to the absolute shame I feel about it.

I know I need to go to a dentist but it's finding one who will understand my situation and not judge me for it. I've also got the fear they would tell me all my teeth would have to come out.

I'm really struggling with what to do and so embarrassed In myself that I've let it get so bad.

Any advice from people going through similar would be appreciated.


Super Moderator
Staff member
Sep 18, 2017
Hi Marc88 :welcome:,

whatever happened at your wisdom tooth extraction, it must have been pretty heavy if that kept you away from the dentist for 9 years :( I was sad to read that you feel ashamed and embarassed and even think that you've "let it get so bad". I don't think you have. I think your dentist simply provided you with a traumatic experience that had a huge impact and now, after years, you are doing your best to fix what they did wrong. That's very brave.

Dental fear is very common and most people who deal with it struggle with a sense of shame or embarrassment, be it because they feel ashamed of being afraid of the dentist or because of the state of their teeth. Fortunately there are many kind caring dentists who will understand your worries and will be happy to help you get back on track. You deserve support, not judgment.
If it helps, many people fear losing all their teeth once they see a dentist, but if you look around here and read some success stories, you will find that usually the treatment needed is much less than anticipated. Dentists' job is to save teeth and what looks beyond saving in our layman's eyes can very often be treated.

At the beginning of the journey, things can become overwhelming, so I would like to provide you with some useful articles here on the page. They may help you to get some direction and find reassurance:

All the best wishes