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Not healing and black eye 2 weeks later



Nov 28, 2015
I had upper canine tooth and one next to it extracted 2 weeks ago I lost my actual blood clot on 3rd or 4th day so I had this horrible smelly brown thing stuck in the hole which hasn't fallen out or anything

My swelling has gone down but I still got swelling above my mouth under my lip towards my cheek that I can feel if I push there with my finger inside my mouth

The black thing they stuck only clogged the hole no white etc stuff went over it and was half out of the hole so after 4-5 days I decided push it back in myself which now has meant slight white nasty looking stuff is covering the hole

And bright red around gum surrounding the hole and I have yellow bruising right of my eye towards my ear not directly under my eye and yellow bruising isn't painful just load of yellow bruise looking there

Is this normal? I never had bruising near eye for other canine etc


Well-known member
Oct 13, 2015
Las Vegas, NV
Does it look like the gums are healing and covering the incision at all? If not my thought would call the dentist and describe everything to him and see what they say. Hopefully one of the dentists on this board jumps in on this thread.