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Not sure where to start... (severe anxiety, dental problems, etc)

Anxious Kitty

Anxious Kitty

Jul 28, 2016
I'm sorry if this is long but I really need to reach out to others for once.

I know a lot of people here probably feel the same but I sometimes truly believe I have The Worst Teeth Ever

I had dental problems and bad teeth basically my whole life.
I don't remember ever being totally ok with the dentist as a kid but got through dental work fine with nitrous oxide (I just remember needing a few fillings and some metal retainer type things?)

My mom made me brush my teeth and such regularly when I was little but I still had these issues. I honestly believe it's partially genetic as many people on my dad's side have bad teeth.

My teeth aren't straight; they arent horribly crooked either (probably thanks to the retainers) but I have a bit of overcrowding. On the top row, my two front teeth grew in a bit too far in front, thus partially covering the two teeth on either side of them. One of my canines also grew in too far up but otherwise, these teeth are straight.

On my bottom row, the teeth came in mostly straight too - except one which I didn't have any space for and therefore, basically grew in behind my other bottom teeth when I was about 9. This tooth triggered the beginning of some of my dental anxiety.

I didn't want anyone to see the tooth, for some reason, including dentists. I was afraid of being ostrasized for it somehow. My mom took me to one dentist who was very abrasive with me during a cleaning because I kept trying to hide the tooth with my tongue, and her attitude towards me made me begin to distrust dentists.

However, the bigger issue still plaguing me, which I know I am to blame for, is I have so many cavities. As I got older and my mom left it up to me to brush my teeth on my own... I mostly just quit doing it at all out of laziness. I also hoarded candy and junk food a lot. So as you can imagine, I started developing cavities pretty rapidly in my preteens.

At 13, one of the cavities in a back molar started hurting very badly. My mom took me to a random dentist to get it taken care of ASAP; I don't think they even took xrays or looked at the tooth much before deciding to pull it (something I'm no longer sure was even necessary).

(Possible trigger warning ahead, skip this if descriptions of bad dental experiences may upset you)

I remember being highly anxious and scared while in the waiting room but I got myself into the chair, ready to have the painful tooth removed. When they gave me the shot of novacaine (I don't believe they even used something to numb the area before the shot), I felt myself feeling suddenly sick and close to passing out.

I was having what I'd later learn was a panic attack. I'd already developed a fear of needles after having a vasovagal response to a shot at age 8. The dental staff allowed me a few minutes to calm down before carrying on with the extraction after I was feeling relaxed and numb.

The extraction itself was actually a breeze. I don't remember feeling any pain or having a bad experience during it. Once it was over, I was feeling pretty good and relieved... but perhaps too confident.
I recall my mom commenting on how pale I looked on the way out of the office, asking if I was ok. I laughed her off and about 2 minutes later, promptly blacked out in the elevator.

I woke up with a massive headache as I had landed on the hard floor and sustained a concussion as well as chipped my front tooth (how ironic). I ended up spending the night in the hospital due to my head; I even had a small bruise on my brain from the fall that they needed to moniter.

Although I went home the next morning and ended up being fine the whole experience was very very traumatic to me. I learned to avoid dentists at pretty much all costs if it meant needles would be involved in any way.

(/end tigger warning)

I did begin to start taking good care of my teeth at home (brushing, flossing, etc), but too much damage was already done. And without dental care, my teeth continued to worsen. And my mom would try to take me to dentists but became far too complacent in letting me back out of appointments.

At 15, I started having another severe toothache from a badly decayed molar. Mom took me to the dentist and I was supposed to get a root canal, but a more pressing matter concerning my eyes came up (detached retina surgery). Meanwhile, my tooth ache subsided and was forgotten about once I healed from my eye surgery a few months later.

The tooth only got worse, of course. When I was 16, it started hurting again and had become infected. I read a bunch of scary stuff online about how people have died from having an infected tooth pulled.
So what did I do? Consistently back out of appointments to have the tooth pulled. Antibiotics cleared the infection up and the pain once again subsided, allowing me to ignore it once more.

But the tooth continued to rot away, along with my other teeth.
I'm ashamed to admit that my 25th birthday is coming up. The same tooth still has not been pulled and has rotted below the gumline. Additionally, three other teeth (all in the back - two on either side of the bottom row and two on either side of the top) have rotted below to gumline by now too.

None of these 4 teeth hurt, only because the nerve has probably died off long ago. They just feel... disgusting. They scare me a lot because I'm sure they're harboring infection as well. I worry that I'm destroying my health by allowing this to continue; for all I know, I've already caused myself a heart problem.

I've been to numerous dentists in the past few years, always looking for one I might be comfortable with. I get about as far as having the initial exam and a cleaning done, but never follow up on the treatment plan because I get too scared.

In some cases, I decided not to go back because the dentist said or did something off-putting. One dentist felt the need to tell me my anxiety medicine wouldn't fix my teeth (cuz I obviously thought that's what its for???). But in all honesty, even if the dentist seemed good, I still don't go back because I am too scared. Just the thought of getting dental work done makes me feel sick and panicky.

In addition to the 4 extractions I desperately need, I also know I need multiple fillings (and at least one root canal) on other teeth. The "tooth behind my bottom teeth" I mentioned earlier is also still there and probably just needs to be pulled too (although its healthy) for cosmetic reasons - so make that 5 extractions.
I even have one cavity on a front tooth that needs a filling and makes me pretty self conscious because its the one cavity visible to other people (though its konda "hidden" behind another front tooth).

I just am so tired of living like this. Most days I try to ignore my teeth and not think about it but I can't keep doing it. I want pretty, healthy teeth that I'm not disgusted by. Teeth that arent literally rotting out and making the task of eating harder and harder.

But I feel trapped between a rock and a hard place. I don't avoid the dentist because I think its ok to leave my teeth like this or because I don't care. I do it out of self-preserverance. I'm literally convinced that if I go get the dental work done, something terrible will happen.

Like, at best, I'll pass out like before when I was 13. And at worst, I'll die because of what I've heard about infected teeth being extracted (I've heard about Lugwig's angina and
osteomyelitis from extractions of infected teeth). I even think of being sedated for dental work and not waking up cuz something going horribly wrong.

These possibilities terrify me beyond belief. If I think about it too much, I start feeling sweaty, sick, and have trouble breathing. I know letting my teeth stay like this is not healthy or safe but it feels like I'm doomed either way no matter what I do! So I just keep avoiding it, putting it off, hoping that one day I'll find the courage to fix my teeth.

I just don't even know what to do anymore. One of my rotted molars have been hurting the past couple days; not the tooth itself but the gum where the tooth is poking into it. So I've been thinking about my teeth an extra amount and just feeling very down about it.

I have never reached out to anyone about this in all these years so I'm sorry this is so long but I'm just finally spilling this out somewhere. I guess this is a call for help.

I'm currently on vacation visiting my boyfriend but when I go back home, I'm really thinking of getting myself into the dentist. There's one - the last one I went to for an exam - I actually feel okay about. I also texted my mom last night to tell her my tooth hurts and I really need help going to the dentist, like I need someone to just force me to go.

She's agreed to help me. I'm just really hoping I can finally do this once and for all. But I am still so terrified about what could happen...

I guess I just wanted to get this out but I'm asking for some words of encouragement and maybe some comfort. I'd feel better if I knew I wasn't alone, if someone else had been through something similar and came out alive. I really do feel like my teeth are worse than anyone's out there.

If there's any professionals out there, I'd also like to know if I should be worried about Ludwig's angina, osteomyelitis, etc. or any other issues associated with chronically infected teeth and having them removed. Because I am honestly so scared of something like that happening.

I know I just wish I had done something different. Had my teeth taken care of a long time ago before they were this bad. Brushed better. Eaten better. Not read so much scary/discouraging stories online... but I can't undo anything and I'm left with what I have now.

Just, someone, please tell me its not too late for me. That I'm not alone and that I'll be okay...

Edit: I also just wanted to add that nowadays (since I was 13 really) I brush twice a day, floss, and use both anticavity and antiseptic mouthwash. Of course, this doesn't keep preexisting cavities from getting worse.
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Hi Anxious Kitty. You may feel right now that you don't know how you are going to go back to the dentist, but just posting your story on here is already a huge step in the right direction. I honestly feel like if I had found this forum sooner, it would not have taken me 18 years to get my butt back in the dentist chair. One of the hardest parts of this whole dental fear thing is that we tend to feel like we are completely alone in it. I know I sure did. But now I can say that I know I'm not alone, and neither are you.

The key is to take it one step at a time. It's great that you've already tried going to a few dentists. Maybe they weren't the right fit for you, but there's a dentist out there that IS the right fit for you. Have you looked at online reviews? Sometimes reviews will mention if a specific dentist is good with phobics. Maybe try looking at the office's website as well. I've seen websites that have a separate page just on dental phobia. Finding a dentist who has experience with anxious patients could help you find that right fit.

Lastly, maybe try to communicate your fears to the dentist. If you tell them that in the past you've been able to go to an initial appointment, but are too scared to continue with your treatment plan at future appointments, they can help you by understanding what exactly you're afraid of, so hopefully you can make it to that second appointment, and third...

If you feel like you'll struggle to communicate effectively at the appointment, maybe try writing a letter or an email. Personally, I like writing down questions that I bring with me to the appointment. A few weeks ago, I did that at my orthodontic consultation. I literally said to the orthodontist: "Hold on, let me get my phone out. i have questions I wrote down!" It really helped ease my fears because I felt more in control of the situation.

I truly hope you are able to find a dentist you love who can help you work towards getting a healthy mouth. Don't be shy about venting on here if you need it. There are lots of people here who understand where you're coming from. Good luck! You can do it!
Let me first start off by saying, you DON'T have the worst teeth the dentist has ever seen. I beat your record for broken decaying molars easily ;). I have 8 that need out, 4 wisdoms (two rotted down to the gum line) and 4 molars also very very rotted that broke when I was younger. When you don't have pain PLUS a fear of dental work it makes it very easy to put off.

What finally got me on the road to getting these chronical infected teeth out of my mouth is one got so infected and my face swelled up. And like you, the thought of ludwigs and bone infections terrify me. I took a course of antibiotics that the dentist gave me and then had two lower REALLY infected molars out last Friday. Since the invention of antbiotics, ludwigs is sooooooo rare. Millions of people get bad teeth taken out of their mouth every day. Some get them pulled all at one time! They did just fine and you will too!

The key is finding the right dentist and that is a heck of a lot easier than it was 10 years ago. They are no longer out to shame you but to get your mouth healthy. My dentist didn't even questions the how or why things got to the point they did in my mouth, he just made a treatment plan an we are moving forward. It's all about getting healthy. And when you make that first step and get the chronic infection out of your mouth, you will feel so much better!!

I will share with you my experience I had last Friday for my two tooth removal. First off, the week leading up to the appointment while I was waiting for the antibiotics to work I was a nervous wreck and I mean a WRECK.
The whole process just scares me, the needle, afraid I would feel pain, afraid I would get sepsis or something after they pulled the teeth because I let them go so long. I drug myself in there that morning at 10AM shaking like a little leaf. They told me not to worry and put the numbing gel on my gums and let it sit for a minute or two. Then my dentist came in and did the injections. It was lower teeth so he was doing the nerve block where the inject closer to your jaw and guess what??? I felt NOTHING not even a pinch, he went nice and slow. I was so amazed. Then he let the local do it's thing for about 10 minutes. I could tell I certainly was not totally numb so when he came back he did a few more injections, all painless. At this point I am already feeling much more comfortable but still nervous because in my mind I'm thinking how the hell is he going to get these teeth out. One of them there is literally NOTHING to grab on to!! He came back in checked it I was all numb (I was, you could have hit me with a bat and I wouldn't feel it HAHA) Then he began...30 SECONDS later out comes one, and then in about a minute MAYBE two out came the one decayed all the way to my gum. It was all over in 3 minutes. And to think I wasted all the energy worrying over 3 minutes of my life...I go back on the 16th of August for my wisdom teeth and I already feel more confident.

I am not sure about why you fainted the last time you had an extraction and I don't want to play doctor but did you eat before you went? An empty tummy and full on panic attacks are not easy on the body. Every one deals with stress differently. But I would address that with the dentist you choose. Also, most dentist will offer you valium if you are a nervous patient to take the night before and the morning of to help calm you. I have heard it works really well to take the edge off.

But first and foremost, nothing bad will happen to you. You CAN do it. Coming here was a great step. I wish you all the best in your journey.
Hi anxious kitty. I am so new I don't even know how to get a profile picture. I posted under a thread I saw earlier. Yup. Didn't know how to start my own. Soo glad you reached out. It is so frightening. My work was done last Thursday. I'm still scared.:XXLhug::brickwal:
Hi! Welcome! First of all - you most definitely don't have the worst teeth ever. And it's definitely not too late!

Try not to beat yourself up about the past. Think of this as a chance to start over. The hardest part is taking that first step, and by posting here and deciding that something needs to be done, you've taken that first step.

You don't need to tackle everything at once - just take baby steps. You say that you have a dentist that you think you can work with - this is a great start. Make an appointment (or have your mom call for you if you feel like you can't do it - my boyfriend is the one who made my first few appointments for me in the beginning). Just show up and go from there.

Finding the right dentist is absolutely key. If you don't like the one you are seeing, then find another one. The right dentist for you is out there, and with the right dentist, you can tackle what seems impossible to you right now.

It it also seems that you have a bit of support around you in your mom and boyfriend, and that will help you get through it as well.

I've been in your shoes. I was very lax about my oral hygiene and had an insatiable sweet tooth (and my parents never took me to the dentist either), so of course I ended up with a mouthful of cavities. (And my teeth were super crowded as well). By the time I turned 20, I had 3 teeth that had decayed and broken off at the gumline, a front tooth that was very slowly but surely decaying and turning dark (and another chipped front tooth). All of these teeth caused me on and off severe pain for a while, until one day, they just stopped hurting. Reading all this stuff about how infection in the mouth can affect other areas in the body, I was terrified that my teeth were going to cause me other health problems, but I was terrified to do anything about it (nor did I know where to start). I was also convinced that because of the crowding, they wouldn't even be able to do much and I'd end up losing all of my teeth anyway.

Last summer, at the age of 30, my boyfriend gave me the push I needed to get my teeth sorted out, and I haven't looked back since. I ended up seeing an orthodontist first, who said that despite all the decay in my mouth, that I had nice teeth that would benefit greatly from braces - I just needed to get my cavities filled and those chronically infected teeth out. Of course, this was all daunting and seemed impossible, but it gave me hope, and he also referred me to a dentist who he endorsed as "a really nice guy and very low-key."

This has absolutely been key in tackling my issues. My dentist has always been careful not to overwhelm me and took everything one step at a time with me. It's okay to break it up into steps, and tackle everything at a pace that suits your comfort level - you can even do one tooth at a time. And, as you build up rapport with a dentist you like and trust, it will get easier over time.

I didn't get those infected teeth out until a few months ago (since I was also doing orthodontics and my dentist wanted to see if the orthodontist would want any other teeth out, and figured I should just get everything done at once), and I'm still here. :) Honestly, I was terrified about those extractions all these years, but they were not that bad at all.

Be sure to tell your dentist about your fears and concerns, and your past experiences (sorry to hear what happened to you, by the way). They won't know otherwise, they can't read your mind! :) I personally suck at this, but my dentist knew that I was super nervous and that it wasn't my favorite place to be, and really tried to make it better for me. He also spent a lot of time just talking to me and trying to get to know me before I even opened my mouth, which made me see him more as a person instead of a threatening figure.

Yiu can can do it! All the best to you:)
(Another long post - yeesh, sorry!)

@sunflower32: Thank you for letting me know I am not alone. I was feeling pretty crummy about my teeth yesterday especially since I made the mistake of Googling scary stuff about extractions.

I swear, I thought I learned my lesson about that a long time ago, it had been so long since I did that! I only do it hoping to find something comforting, like I'll search something like "is it safe to pull infected teeth" and hope to see "yes", but I run into all these horror stories instead.

That's what led me to finally find this forum and reach out to others. Because if Google is just gonna do the opposite of making me feel better I figure people with firsthand experience maybe can...

And it seems I was right; after spending a few hours reading through threads on here, I started calming down and saw that plenty of people are or have been in my situation or worse.

I think I've already found a dentist to try out. I've been to them before for a couple exams before I went to college and they were very nice but I could never bring myself to follow through on the treatment.

Well since I am staying with my parents this semester, this dentist is pretty close. I actually saw them earlier this year during Winter break because the crown on my front tooth (that chipped when I was 13) came off and they replaced it for me. No needles or anything were involved in that so I did fine but they did say I needed to get other work done, obviously...

They'll probably wonder why I never came back in for treatment and why my teeth are STILL like this years later. But I think I'll take your advice by explaining it to them (and writing down questions I have - good idea).
I have told them on previous visits about my phobia and they were quite patient and understanding.

The place doesn't specifically advertise themselves as catering to phobias but they work with adults and children alike, offer nitrous oxide (maybe even other sedatives) and they've never lectured me over the state of my teeth or acted rude/condescending (as some of even the "cater to cowards" places have) so that gives me some faith in them.

@AbbyH85: Thank you for your post, it actually helped me feel much better.

You're totally right that the lack of pain makes it difficult. At times when I've had bad tooth aches, I could've practically begged to get them yanked!! But it never lasted long and once I was pain-free, forget about it.

I don't have any swelling from the infections, but I can tell its there in at least two of the badly decayed teeth. There's the one I mentioned from when I was 16. For almost a whole year, unless I was on antibiotics, it'd drain from an abcess in my gum periodically. It never swelled up badly though.

For some reason, the abcess stopped forming a long time ago, but I can still feel where there's infection built up by that tooth (for some reason it feels like a hard lump). My gum actually grew over about half of whats left of it and I wonder if its just keeping it from getting infected as badly as it was. In any case, I know its high time for it to come out.

Its a bottom tooth so the thought of Ludwigs really worries me when I go to have it pulled as well as thinking it might already be in my bone. This tooth probably worries me the most also because of just how long its been this way (has anyone else had a tooth stay infected this long?! this is where I still feel alone) and I wonder if it'll be complicated to remove or if they'll have to do additional stuff to remove all the infection. The fact it feels hard where the infection is scares me that I'm going to need more done to fully remove it...

I also know one of my top rotted molars is infected cuz I can feel a small, tender bump in the area on my gums above it. I'm not sure if any of the other teeth are infected since there's no signs but I know it is possible. Again, no swelling though, so I guess that's a good sign nothing is "horribly" infected?

Oh, I also worry that since I have been on antibiotics quite a few times over the years (not even for my teeth usually, but other infections I've had) that my tooth infections are already resistant and if something DOES happen, there won't be an antibiotic that can help me...

Trying to stay positive though... I hope my experience can go as well as your's. You said you just had two pulled last week? Did you have any sedatives during it?
And wow, 3 minutes? I had heard in the FAQ that teeth rotted below the gumline are actually much easier to pull, is that why? I hope so, because maybe they can pull mine that quickly too. I would feel much better knowing it'd be over fast.

The extraction I had when I was 13 took about 30 minutes, not including the time it took to numb me up. But the tooth, if I remember, was still pretty well intact (again, I don't even think it needed to be pulled and probably couldve been fixed with a root canal).
I've had it in my head that getting my teeth pulled will take 2+ hours and I'd have to be "knocked out" for it! The thought of IV/sleep sedation actually adds to my apprehension and I'm kinda hoping I can do it with just nitrous oxide. If it can really be done under 10 minutes, I might go that route. I just like that it allows me to feel like I'm still somewhat in control and don't have to think "what if I don't wake up".

I also might see if I can get the extractions done in two visits so I don't have to do them all at once (and can still chew on one side of my mouth).
Guess I have a good list of questions to take with me to my appointment.

I don't know why I passed out either. I do remember eating before my appointment (I even remember that it was Burger King, lol). I think it was either because I already nearly passed out in the chair due to the shot (I have vasovagal responses to needles but have actually had numerous blood tests and IVs since then and did ok because I now know how to avoid them by elevating my feet and asking for a cold rag) so perhaps I just had a "delayed reaction" or perhaps my body was just in shock from the extraction and earlier panic attack.
In any case, we now know to keep a close eye in me til I get to the car. I'm definitely gonna take it easy and have someone help me.

I actually have a prescription for Xanax (.5mcg) that I take for my General Anxiety Disorder (if it wasn't super obvious that I suffer from that haha). It's definitely a must have for me before any dental appointment. I may ask about valium if its any stronger since obviously this is a particularly severe anxiety though.

@Scardykt: Hi and thanks. If you're wondering, I changed my icon through the USER CP at the top of the page! Sounds like you got through the hardest part and got the work done - awesome! It's been a week, I'd say you deserve to rest at ease now.

@littlething: Wow, your post was really helpful too. I do feel pretty confident in the dentist I've found. They're nice and weel rated so I'm gonna give them a shot and see how it goes. I think I'll start by having them do the filling on my one front tooth so I can start with something smaller and take care of the tooth that makes me most self-conscious in my appearance.

Not gonna lie, I can relate. I've been resentful that my mom grew so complacent in letting me skip appointments. I don't think she was aware just how bad my teeth had been getting and probably had the same fear of seeing me pass out again. And if I wasn't complaining about tooth pain, it probably made it easy for her to forget too.

But the other night, I kinda texted her to let her know my tooth was hurting and vented a little, telling her that 4 of my teeth are rotted very badly. She offered to make me an appointment (which definitely helps to have someone else do) and agreed to make sure I go even if she has to drag me, haha.

My boyfriend is great but it just sucks that he lives like 6 hours away. He also has pretty much naturally great teeth and isn't afraid of dentists. I'm at his place right now, but I'll be home in two weeks and will be getting in to the dentist.

Anyway thanks to everyone for the comfort and encouragement and if you read these super long posts, I appreciate it. Not gonna say my fears are all gone but I am feeling better. I'll be sure to keep y'all posted.
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Trying to stay positive though... I hope my experience can go as well as your's. You said you just had two pulled last week? Did you have any sedatives during it?
And wow, 3 minutes? I had heard in the FAQ that teeth rotted below the gumline are actually much easier to pull, is that why? I hope so, because maybe they can pull mine that quickly too. I would feel much better knowing it'd be over fast.

No, I did not have any sedatives. I thought about asking but I'm also kind of a medication phobe too LOL. So I just toughed out the nerves. The funny thing about it is you will end up spending so much time worrying building up to the appointment then after it's done you will say "WOW that was it???" So much wasted energy freaking out. But that's anxiety for you. Our brains are trained to go from zero to worst case scenario in under a second. I understand, I started with panic attacks at 15. My full blown panic attacks are pretty much under control since I finally learned they cannot hurt me. But the anxiety and worrying about ridiculous out comes in day to day life still hang around. Example: The Husband doesn't answer his phone a few times in a row..Nomal person "Oh he must be busy "Anxious person "OMG what if there was an accident?!?!?!" LOL.

YES!! It really was 3 minutes. I had my Ipod and didn't even finish a song LOL. The reason decayed teeth are actually easier is because all teeth are moved with a rocking motion between the gum and the tooth. They rock it back and forth a few times to loosen it from the bone and then they lift it out.

I was also very worried about ludwigs from my bottom teeth. Especially when the swelling started but you also have to remember teeth are very good at keeping the infection localized. The people you see that get these complications usually do not have a normal immune system or their health is compromised. It's funny you mention bone infection, one of my lowers that came out, the REALLY bad one that was abscessed and cause the swelling, the bone around it HURT. Even after the antibiotic course I still could not put any pressure around the surrounding are with out pain. I thought for sure it had gone to the bone but as soon as the local wore off after the tooth was out the pain was GONE. The chronic infection is what is causing all your symptoms, once the source is gone you will see everything else gets better almost immediately. Also just to add - Bone infections also EXTREMLY rare :)

After my bottom teeth are all done I will be starting on the tops. I also have one that gum has grown half over the top. (I think I have had this broken tooth since I was 18 LOL I am 31 now...yikes I know). But my dentist just said they will cut the gum away and remove what's left of the tooth. I'm not going to lie to you, I am nervous about that tooth but I am putting trust in my dentist and I know (even though I will be scared) it will all be just fine.

As far as the antibiotics go if you are concerned about having built up an immunity you could always ask for a less broad spectrum that works on teeth. Cindamyacin and Metrodinazole come to mind. They are powerful for tooth infections. I have always taken either penicillin or amoxicillin BUT I have only done two courses in all these years believe it or not.

One final thought for you... You know what I kept telling myself the morning of my appointment, when my heart was beating a mile a minute and I wanted to back out?? I told my anxiety that I REFUSE TO LET YOU CONTROL MY HEALTH ANY LONGER!! I said that over and over and over, because lets face it, while it wont kill us, forcing our bodies to deal with chronic and acute infections ALL THE TIME is not good for us. Every time I get blood work done my white cell count is slightly elevated because of these stupid teeth.

Your going to be just fine. Please keep us posted on your journey :) :) :) We are all here for you if you need us.

This thread has really helped me, I feel exactly the same way as you. I went to an emergency dentist yesterday, who said that I need lots of work doing and wasn't overly sympathetic.
ive looked around and found one that is really good for people with phobias and anxiety, and I've made the first step of contacting them to be seen. I rang them yesterday and the receptionist was lovely, even though I was crying on the phone to them.
its good to know that others feel like this and are successfully having treatment too.
On the topic of teeth rotted below the gum line being easy to pull.

I' am inclined to believe this, I got all my top teeth pulled in the hospital before I got my top denture and when I got it an old tooth poked through the gum, I went to the professional center beside the hospital, got a shot of gas of some type and the damage from the removal was very minor, I couldn't believe it, I' am inclined to believe that is true.