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Numb/tingling in lips & chin after upper molar extraxfion



Junior member
Nov 27, 2023
United States
I had my upper molar (2) extracted 3 years ago. After the procedure was completed I noticed my bottom lip and chin on the same side felt numb and tingly for a few hours. Is this normal to happen with an upper tooth?

I am getting a bottom molar (18) extracted in a month and am trying to prepare for the LA. I am very scared of needles and having the injection cause pain. I am also afraid that I won’t be able to get numb or that I will have some kind of adverse reaction. Will I also feel numb in my lip/chin like I did with the upper tooth? How long does it usually take for the anesthetic to wear off for bottom teeth?

Thank you
I can't see any way that having an upper tooth removed would cause your lower lip and chin to feel numb. Sorry.
Having a lower molar removed will almost certainly have half your lip and chin numb though. Oops, missed the last one. Anaesthetic will normally wear off in around 2hrs, sometimes a bit more sometimes less.