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Occasional brief pain in root canal tooth, worrying about failure



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Nov 5, 2021
I had a root canal done on tooth 20 ten days ago. It was infected pretty bad. Endodontist said nerve was dead…I had only a minuscule amount of pain before the root canal. Nothing constant or bad.

Since the root canal, I’ve been having occasional pain in that area. I can’t be sure if it’s this tooth or the one next to it. I’m not biting on the tooth and it has nothing to do with drinking. It is random. Doesn’t hurt to touch the gums or tooth. It’s like a sharp shooting pain that goes away in a few seconds. I finished my antibiotics a couple days ago. I don’t know if I should be worried that the tooth needs retreatment? Is this normal at all 10 days past a root canal or should I be calling my endo Monday to go back in the tooth? I’m so paranoid about this root canal failing and needing extraction
Sounds like there’s no need to be concerned at this stage. There is always a healing process that will have to occur and it’s not uncommon to have some discomfort in the weeks that follow your treatment.

If things were to progress or increase then let your endodontist know but allow the body time to heal. Or if you feel better just dropping them and email or call to let them know that’s fine too. But remember that the vast majority of root canal treatments are successful and it’s likely that yours will be successful too.

If you think you may be clenching or grinding your teeth let your endondontist/ dentist know as sometimes this can affect the settling process but based on what you’ve reported, it all sounds like ok at this stage to me.

Hope things continue to go in the right direction over the coming weeks and your tooth enjoys many happy years ahead ?

Thank you! I haven’t had any discomfort yesterday or today so far, so I’m feeling better about it. If it picks back up again I will reach out to the endodontist but for now I haven’t felt anything from that area. Hoping that it continues to heal successfully!