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Occasional gritty/grainy feel when chewing



Mar 28, 2019
I might be worrying about nothing here.. and would love to hear that I’m worrying about nothing...

Occasionally (maybe once or twice a week) when I’m eating, I feel like I’ve bitten down on something grainy/gritty when I haven’t been eating anything with that texture. This feeling doesn’t last, though, by the next bite it’s gone. I’m just making sure it isn’t a tooth crumbling. I don’t feel pain, it doesn’t seem to be a specific tooth, and there is no sharp feeling or rough feeling or any visible signs of wearing. Nothing to suggest that anything has come off from the tooth or broken down. After feeling it on that one bite, everything goes back to normal again.

I’m thinking it’s possible that what I’m eating may have had a larger grain of salt that I’ve caught.. or some people say you can get this feeling if a bit of plaque has dislodged and you’ve bitten it.. possibly part of fissure sealant material (though there are no signs of trouble there)..

Like I said, I feel like there is nothing wrong with any of my teeth afterwards, and this doesn’t happen every day. I had a thorough check up, clean and fissure sealants done when I had to have some treatment done under GA about 4 months ago, and I feel they would have told me if a tooth was likely to break down.

Is this something I can just let go and not worry about if there are no signs of any problems?

Thanks so much!
Hi Laura, how are you doing?
Definitely doesn't sound like a dental issue, I reckon your grain of salt theory might be correct.
Thanks so much! I’m thinking it’s equally likely to be the plaque theory since it’s only ever happened since I started using an electric toothbrush that supposedly removes/loosens more plaque. It sort of feels like when you accidentally get a grain of sand in your mouth.

Given the extensive treatment I had, I knew it was unlikely that a dental issue had suddenly come up in 4 months, particularly since there are no signs of anything wrong- no pain, no sharpness/roughness, no visible damage- but definitely wanted to make sure it was unlikely.

Thanks again!
This might sound daft, so my apologies, but do you grind black pepper on your food? I often have this if I eat something like pasta which is soft so should have no rough parts, but it’s ground peppercorn that has the gritty feeling.