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Off I go...

I've got my next check up in a few weeks, but my nervousness has increased slightly as it could potentially be with a new dentist ? I know they'll probably be kind and caring like my current one but I'm just so worried that they're not going to be ?
You got this, frostgirl! I just had my bi annual cleaning on Wednesday, and it was a new hygienist without warning. It’s hard for people like us with anxiety to have things change, but if you trust the practice, I’m sure they only hire the best! Let us know how it goes.
@thisisme Thank you, it really has made me feel a bit anxious these past few days. At least I have some warning, I dread to think if it happened unexpectedly.

I'm sure this new dentist will be just as kind and caring as everyone else who works there, I do trust them, so I will most probably be alright. I will keep yous posted ?
Good luck @frostgirl ?! Do you know for sure that it's going to be a new dentist? (you said in your previous post that it was "potentially" with a new dentist)
@letsconnect Yeah, they had to reschedule my next appointment, and offered me an appointment for the day after it was meant to be with the new dentist there. So I'm going to try and be optimistic and hope they're just as kind and caring as the one I've seen each time I've been ?

I don't want to ask if I can have an appointment with the one I've seen each time I've been there, as they're the practice owner and I don't want to seem like I'm being a pain ??

But knowing my luck, my work schedule changes so much that I might have to reschedule it again ?
@frostgirl I honestly don't think you would seem like being a pain - in fact, I'd think the practice owner would be very pleased (on a personal level) if you wanted to stick with them rather than switch to somebody else ?. There's a lot to be said for continuity of care, because if you have a regular dentist, they will be more aware of your background and any changes that may be happening in your mouth. So if you do need to reschedule, maybe try and get an appointment with the dentist you know and trust?
@letsconnect I've never thought about it this way. I hope they would be alright with that, but I don't know whether to ask specifically for them (if I do need to reschedule), as I'm worried they'll just reply back saying I can't and I have to switch to seeing one of the new dentists.

I just don't want to be seen as difficult and uncooperative, and if I don't need to reschedule, I want to try and see what this new dentist like. But I'm so worried about how it will go that I'm such an anxious mess atm. And the appointment is not for another few weeks yet, and I'm stressed out about it already ??

I don't know what to do to try and calm down
No way you'd be seen as difficult and uncooperative for wanting to stay with the dentist you know and like ?. Unless he's no longer offering NHS treatment himself? (in which case trying to switch you to somebody else would be understandable). But my advice would be to hang onto him because being the practice owner, he'll be more likely to be around for a long time to come...
@letsconnect it's a fully private practice. I would like to stay with them, as their understanding and kind, so it would be nice. I probably will have to reschedule anyway, so I hope I can get an appointment with them ?
Oh, in that case, yes, definitely ask to stay with him ?! (otherwise, he might think you've gone off him for some reason, lol). Unless you want to switch dentists for some reason, of course...
Best of luck with it :clover::clover::clover:
Still just over two weeks to go and my nerves are sky high. So far I don't need to rearrange my appointment, and I do want to be optimistic and see what this new dentist is like. I'm positive in thinking they'll be as kind and caring like everyone else there. But I'm still worried ??
I've calmed down a lot over the past week, but I think my anxiety will increase in the next week.

I'm not having a great time recently, my wisdom teeth are irritated so much lately, there's just a constant discomfort but knowing me, they'll probably calm down before I go. I will definitely try to mention it when I go as I'm worried something isn't right ??
There's still a week to go and I am anxious mess already. I'm hoping this new dentist is as kind and caring as everyone else who works there. I'm just worried ?

At least by this time next week it will be over and done with
Argh, I feel so anxious :frantic:

I can't cancel it now without having to pay a fee, so I guess I'm still going ?

I hope everything goes alright, I'm sure it will.

I'm sure it will go just fine :thumbsup:. Keeping my fingers crossed that the new dentist is everything you're hoping for. Best of luck!!
Hi frostgirl,

haven't been on for a while and missed a lot of your journey, but please let me tell you: you will be ok! Dealing with dental anxiety is such a personal thing and your dentist is a part of it. It makes so much sense that you're a mess now that you need to see someone new. Actually, I would be a mess meeting new people in most normal contexts as well, not to speak about something so difficult like a dental apt.

Sending you hugs, let us know how it went!
I'm feeling alright about my appointment tomorrow. I know this will change as it has changed over the course of the day.

I've accepted that this is going to happen and I'm going to go in with an open mind, and I'm sure this new dentist will be as kind and caring as everyone else there is.

I'm also worried that theres something wrong with my wisdom teeth, they had stopped irritating me but its started back up again today. Don't know whether there's actually something wrong or just my worrying causing stress pain in that area.
I survived!

My nerves were getting really bad this morning, but I still forced myself to go.

I was shocked at the fact I didn't have to wait long, which is good, as my nerves were starting to go up in the waiting room. I had my check up with the new dentist first, and I knew I was getting myself worried over nothing. They were friendly and making small talk which I like as it helps settle me down a bit. Also very informative, everything they were doing was explained to me. Everything is alright with my teeth, I know there's one tooth that has a little bit of something that could turn into decay but it's still not getting any worse (I have known about that since I first started going there) but they said they doubt I'll need a filling for it. So that's a relief. Even got told to keep up the good work, so that's good.

It was also a new hygienist that I had for my cleaning, but they were super nice and chill and really informative again. They're also really pleased with my hygiene so I got another keep up the good work from them. Sort of hoping they're a permanent hygienist there because I really liked them, and they understood that no one likes the noise of getting their teeth scaled(?).

I'm quite pleased with myself for going, even though I had wound myself up so much, I knew it was for nothing

I'm honestly so relieved
This is great news, so glad all went well. :claps::claps::claps:Another good experience for you. Give yourself a pat on the back! :)