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Off I go...

Thank you @night_natter, that has reassured me a bit.

I'm surprisingly alright with needles/injections, not a fan but I can deal with them. I may ask about numbing gel though 🤔
My appointment is on Friday, and whilst I've mostly calmed myself down, I am having a moment of worry :shame: I know I'll be fine and I know I can stop them at any point but :frantic:

I also don't know why, but whenever I've got a dentist appointment coming up, one of my wisdom teeth starts to irritate me a bit. One of them is a bit sore/irritated currently, but I know it will stop the day before my appointment 😬
I am currently alternating between feeling alright about my appointment on Friday and feeling very apprehensive/anxious/worried :frantic:
My anxiety is starting to kick in now. I feel a bit nauseous atm, I'm hoping I can manage to calm myself down today so I can actually get some sleep tonight.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day but at least by this time tomorrow I will have had my appointment 😅
@frostgirl All the best with your appointment. Everything will go fine, I am sure. Just focus on your breathing to get through the nerves. You’re going to be feeling a whole lot better on the other side! You got this.
I did it 🥳

I had managed to calm myself a little bit this morning, but I was still feeling quite nervous.

I got there, went through and my dentist put me at ease straight away. After having a little chat, it was time to be numbed. Honestly, I never felt the needle at all, which is great, I'm not bad with injections but I didn't even feel it going in. I've never had any numbing before but it started working very quickly which is a relief 😌 The bit I had been dreading was the actual drilling, but it was nowhere as bad sound wise (the sound was my worry, I'm a bit jumpy with noises) as I was expecting. I think it took longer to fill it 😅🙈

I'm so glad I've found a dental practice like this, everyone there has been so kind and caring, it really does make a difference 😀
That's wonderful news @frostgirl, great to hear that everything went so smoothly 😊. Your dentist sounds lovely.

Congratulations 🎉🥳 !!!
Hm. I'm having a little issue and I know realistically what I should probably do (ring my dentist and ask for some advice) but I don't wanna.

Last Saturday when I woke up, I took a sip of water and it caused quite a bit of sensitivity in my tooth with the filling. It has lessened a bit over this past week but I don't know if I'm just worrying too much or should I try to make an appointment next week 😬