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Offered diazepam, I declined but now I've changed my mind...



Junior member
Mar 31, 2016
So I was offered diazepam for my next appointment to try relax me a little. I declined, but the more I think about it the more I wish I hadnt, if I've got it I can make the decision closer to the date. Questions I have are, is it too late to change my mind, can someone call up for me and say I've not decided I want it (I'm too much of a scaredy cat to call myself) Have any of you lovely folks had it before? Did it help? Thanks in afvance - Para
I took a similar kind of anti-anxiety pill (Xanax) and it helps a lot. Takes the edge off the preappointment anxiety. You still should be able to change your mind. Talk to you pharmacist about the side effects and then you can make the decision then.
Thanks, I got my other half to call them up today and ask for a prescription, they're going to send one out, that way I've got the choice either way. If I'm feeling as bad as I do right now I think up be taking them!!