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Oh man I did it! I really did it (iv sedation + extractions)



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May 14, 2017
I posted in here about my fear of the dental stuff I was having and have iv sedation done. Never been put under for anything so I was terrfied.

Had it done today! They called me to come in sooner because they had a cancelation at 11:30.. I told them I was waiting on my mom since she was watching Oliver, but I'd go down when she came (ugh. Reluctantly.) But I went. I made Mike come back and hold my hand while the anesthesiologist talked to me and got the IV going. He kept trying to make me laugh and say he was my bartender for the day. But I still sat there shaking like a leaf. He put this one shot in my IV and said it would make me feel like the wall is moving.. last thing I said was 'hey that's moving' and the next thing was they were taking out my iv. Like no dark space, it was from talking to the iv coming out. Bizarre as all heck.

But 3 pregnancies, nursing 2 babies and genetics ruined my mouth. I had my upper wisdom teeth pulled, all my bottom teeth, and a tooth that lost a crown. I have to deal with a bottom denture (I need to get it adjusted tuesday) but I'm on the road to being able to smile without embarrassment. I'm doing that instasmile thing when I get my taxes back. I can't wait!

I'm just hoping the pain stops in a few days. Hubby is home with me tomorrow so it will be nice. He's been helping with our youngest (speaking of which, I need to pump..) and when I need anything he immediately jumps up.
I was originally supposed to get this done in October, but my oldest ended up having to have his tonsils & adenoids out 3 days after my surgery date and they understood and rescheduled.
Glad to hear everything turned out well for you. It definitely lifts a big weight off your shoulder once everything is done and accounted for.
I keep the bottom denture in til tonight and I can remove it. I need to call and make the one app and I'm asking if I can swish with salt water yet. The yucky taste is getting to me
Well done and congrats! :jump:
And you know, it's great that you have solved the problems with your teeth, but beside that, you must now feel like a hero having done it despite all the fear and all the worries!
Happy to hear that your hubby is taking good care of you and the kids. Hope the pain stops soon and the healing will go fast.

Keep us updated and well done again :)
Well done Scardeycat31. You have been so brave. I hope you are super proud of yourself.

P.S. I also believe that pregnancy has an impact on our teeth. Despite what some say!!
I've napped offor and on all day. My jaw aches tonight. My jaw joint from my mouth being open. I'm thankful for the med they rx me, even if I'm not a fan of pain meds.. I was in tears tonight
Just a heads up, I went to the dentist yesterday to get an adjustment done (never so happy to go to a dentist! I was in so much pain from sore spots) and I asked what I can do to help my jaw. She showed me different excersizes and said to look on youtube, and gently work on stretching my jaw, using ibuprofen and heat to help. It's already starting to help. My chin and stuff hurts, but nothing like the jaw joints itself did.