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Okay, what is going on here...



Sep 16, 2010
It's been 16 days since i got my second premolar extracted. I had a pretty bad mouth ulcer right along the edge of the extraction site from the injection. That is now 99% gone. However, I am STILL having aching along the upper jaw. Not really pain per se, but it aches enough that is distracts me and I usually have to take 1 Ibuprofen. What the heck is going on? Shouldn't it not be aching at this point? I am out of the country until Monday next week, so of it is still aching I'll go in to see my dentist. But until then, does anyone know what's up? Or offer any possibilities? Is this normal healing? The extraction site looks like it is healing fine. It is almost closed, no red, nothing wonky looking...I am at my wits end because it's been like over amonth I have been in some level of discomfort with this tooth/tooth extraction.

Edited to add, it isn't constant; it comes and goes. It seems to happen more often after I eat or drink anything. I don't chew on that side.
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An occasional twinge is pretty normal. I wouldn't worry about it.