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old filling knocked loose...bite off broken tooth? Help.

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May 6, 2016
ok so I'm new and spazzing out. I had a permanent crown fitted 2 weeks ago. It was a pretty tight fit against a tooth with a large old filling to the point where it felt like the other tooth was being pushed on if I chewed on it. it has settled down a lot over the 2 weeks but the crown is sore if i bite on a whole almond...as is the other filled tooth if i use it for first bite. most of my other foods are fine. Also the filled tooth has a strange sensation when i brush it...where the filling is. the gums and sides of the tooth feel normal...
Did i break the tooth? could the filling have been knocked loose by the new crown ( it's a deep filling that I think went between the teeth) Could it be bite really just be off?
Basically I'm looking for are there real possibilities besides broken or dead. I dread hearing root canal even though I've had good luck with two. Dental visits alone trigger flashbacks but the dental dam used in root canals increases that and panic attacks even more...I haven't figured out how to mention that or how to answer if she asks why... I was also hoping I wouldn't have to...but if it's another root canal maybe i should? Ideas on how to do that....
also please tell me it sounds like it can be saved extraction is not ok.

it should be noted all gum tissue above teeth react to an ice cube ...but not horribly. last time i had one die it felt like it was splitting in 2 of i ate on it...this one is similar sort of pressure from the filling if its harder food but not as noticeable which is why i was hoping the old filling is loose
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Hi it could be that the bite is a bit high or that the crown is not a good fit, but unfortunately for you the only way you will find out for sure is to go back to the dentist and let them have a look.

Once you know what you are dealing with it will be easier to face the treatment you may need.
Thanks I go today @ 930 soo 4 hours and 20 mins...not that i'm panicking enough to keep track. I would love for that to be it.
google is horrible....ughhh and 2.5 hours before i hear my fate. I doubt I get lucky. :cry:
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she didn't find anything wrong with the 2 old fillings but suggested we just crown them and get it over with...i didn't realize it was fri 13th i so wouldn't have done it as it's iffy as to if a root canal might be needed on one or both...my luck they will die.
Is she going to crown them only or is she going to do a rct on them?
she is going to crown one and attempt to fill the other one. They are scheduled as potential endo :( because her partner is in the office and he does the Rct. just in case. (because I seriously won't let him touch me unless she is in the office...thanks to my past
The hope is that if a root canal is evident he can fit me in right then. (she knows how much i spazz and google by now) then I don't have time to panic)

seriously The two i had before i ended up with bruised and bloody nail marks in my hands as soon as the dental damn is in. Also he likes to go work on other patients and this leaves me alone with that thing in my mouth. not cool.

If they are not endo that day it'll be wait and see if the nerves will be agreeable. It'been that way for all my crowns except for the 1st root canal. She did the same thing for these 2 teeth on the opposite side of my mouth and the filled tooth decided to die....i'm really freaked that could happen again...
and even though the xray is clean I'm still scared they are broken and not saveable...it will be fri 13th.
pretty sure the one that is supposed to be crowned is dead...i didn't get a reaction to cold at all just now:cry: i really really don't want more root canals or this one pulled. i can't hide the missing tooth if that one goes :cry:
Try not to start stressing out yet, if the worst comes to the worst you could maybe have a bridge to cover any gap left if you need to have the tooth removed.

Hopefully it won't come to that, hold your nerve and see what happens.
i dunno i think the surrounding teeth are crowned already. i just really feel like they are broken though
I put my update in my support thread. they aren't dead yet about as close to the nerve as they can be before they would just go on and do the root canal so wait and see time. yay. (that's a sarcastic yay) also talked about the implant and what not but since I already am pretty sure half the place hates me and thinks I am daft I will leave that part alone. Probably going to have to do it anyway as I painted myself into a corner by crowning the neighboring teeth already anyway. Thanks for your support.