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Old root canal filled tooth - sensitive to heat



Junior member
Jan 2, 2016
Amongst a variety of dental problems and anxiety about dental treatments, I have a root canal filled tooth with a gold crown (back lower molar) which has suddenly become sensitive to heat. The root canal was done several years ago and was redone at the time as I had some discomfort from it. It has always felt slightly "odd" but has not caused any pain. I would be extremely grateful for any information or advice. THANK YOU!​
It is extremely unlikely that a tooth that has been root treated twice would be able to react to heat. The pain is most likely being referred from another tooth on that side of your face. When the living tissue in the centre of a tooth becomes inflamed it can refer the pain from the front to the back or from the top teeth to the bottom teeth. The only place it cannot be referred to is the other side of the face. This type of pain can be difficult to pin down. Best to get your dentist to have a look and see if he can locate the exact cause of the problem.
Best of luck