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On my journey to a new smile

A year and plus has gone by!!! More work had been done. I got four more TADs inserted on my bottom left side and some bone removed to help lower the two molar down to create space for implants on my top left side. Not gonna lie was quite painful and recovery was ok. Couldn’t eat for almost a week and half, that was done early February.

Everything is looking good with the braces. I am getting two implants done in two weeks and I’m extremely nervous about it. After 3 months of the implants to heal, my ortho will be using temporary crowns to pull my wisdom teeth closer so I don’t have to do 3 implants on the bottom right side! Once that’s done, I will have the TADs that was inserted in my top right remove and get started in two implants for my left top and most likely will need to cut down some bones there too to create some more space. After that’s healed then the plan is to straighten the root on my back molar on too right. Close up some spaces and remove the bottom left TADs and I should be DONE!!!

It has been such a loooong, scary, semi-painful (not gonna lie) journey but I feel in the end it’s all gonna be worth it!! We are looking at another year of braces and I’ll be free with a full set of teeth, and can finally smile again and build my confidence back up!

I will definitely post again when there’s more to update !!!