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Once again in pain



Apr 27, 2015
I am soooo tired of being in pain. I have a molar that has a hairline crack in it. It also has a large filling as well that has been there for about 15 years. The tooth has been bothering me more and more with random soreness and aching on a certain cusp for a little while and finally this past week it started to feel worse. So off to the dentist I went today. He put a temporary onlay on it to see if it helps over the course of a month or two. I have had no sensitivity to hot or cold. If it doesn't then I will need a root canal or extraction. Now hours after the Novocain has worn off my tooth aches and hurts more all of sudden. I am scared. One of my dental fears is being in pain after a failed treatment. I feel like I am living it. I am upset enough that I am in tears. I don't want to go through more procedures to find out my tooth is worse. And from what my dentist explained it's very difficult to see how far a crack has gotten until treatment is tried and fails unless it's a major crack. I just want peace physically and emotionally. I rally and pep talk myself so much in order to push through that fear and anxiety and not many people in my life understand how taxing and exhausting it is or how my this effects me. it effects me A LOT. But how do I make them really understand? I have a busy life with many things that I have to do every week. Most of us do. I worry about how will I squeeze in the time to do what I need to do in life and now this tooth issue. I have to be at work and I have a wedding to plan and parents to help all the time and keep up with my relationship with my fiancé and mulitude of other appointments that I need to keep. I already feel like I am running on empty and now this and this pain. I feel no one cares but me and people in my life basically shrug their shoulders and say oh well sorry and then ask me for something despite knowing what I am going through or if I am actively in pain. For example, I was filling out some paperwork for my parent. They new my tooth has been hurting and is still hurting but they still decided to badger me about nonsense and say things repeatedly that kept stressing me out on purpose. I had to tell them to stop badgering me when I am sitting here not feeling well while doing something for them as a favor. I just want to be taken care of and looked after for once for a little while. :shame::shame: And I don't know if I call out of work tomorrow because of the pain or try to make it through the day until Friday when the dentist office is open again. I'm tire of all of this. :cry:
So sorry! Hope it gets sorted soon xx
Hello! I hope you are feeling better today, even if it's a little! I have the same issue with nobody wanting to talk or listen to me about my fear. It's so exhausting worrying and fearing not only the dentist but the pain. I feel alone a lot when family or friends tell me "go to the dentist and get it over with". It's not that easy (I wish it was) but this forum has helped with venting for me. I have put off dental treatment for years because of my busy and demanding life, I do not have time to sit on the couch or lay in bed for a few days. Some see it as an excuse but it's just the truth. I completely understand you're situation.