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One of the worst cases of periodontal disease; here's my root scaling/planning experience.



Junior member
Oct 19, 2018
One of the worst cases of periodontal disease; here's my root scaling/planning experience.

Hey everyone. I'm currently typing this out still absolutely numbed to the max, but I wanted to share my experience with root scaling/planning with everyone.

Just some background info I am 23 years old, take absolute trash care of my teeth (brush 1x a day and no flossing pretty much my entire life) and have been holding off this deep clean for years now. It was first brought up by my dentist that I really needed a deep clean about 3 years ago, and I got so chicken over it that I never went to the dentist since, that is until about a month ago when I noticed serious irritation on my front teeth.

I checked in to a new dental office I found on yelp nearby my house (I didn't like how my old dentist handled things). My new dentist was extremely nice but straight to the point; if I don't get this root scaling done my teeth are going to, without a doubt, fall out. I figured it was time to face my fears and just get it over with.

It took a few weeks to get approval from my insurance, and today I went in to finally face my fears.

My case was so severe that my dentist had to numb up every single individual tooth, meaning one-two shots PER TOOTH. I'm not sure if this is how its supposed to be done as I read other stories of people saying they only got a few shots, but that's how mine went. Procedure took almost two hours. Even numbed up I definitely still felt some pain in the more sensitive areas, but I somehow survived. I have active noise cancelling headphones and I heard that for a lot of people the sound is what was the most unbearable part and I am so glad I brought my headphones, I think without them it would have felt like I was in there for eternity.

After 2 hours of being pretty damn uncomfortable, a bit of pain and a lot of blood, it was finally finished. My mouth, lips, tongue, etc are still extremely numb, so I'll be posting updates of my recovery as I go about my day for the next week. Even so my dentist handled the situation VERY professionally and tried to make me as comfortable as possible, just given the situation I think it was difficult to make me feel comfortable. My dentist finished and said that was one of the most intense and most severe cases she had ever seen, and she is so glad that I got it done with.

To sum it up I'm not sure if any deep cleaning gets any worse then this, but I'm literally the biggest chicken when it comes to anything dental related, so the point of this is to tell anyone who needs to get it done; get it done. I did it, so can you. Do it before your teeth fallout and I promise this procedure is an absolutely worthy trade off for keeping your teeth.


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Oct 27, 2017
Re: One of the worst cases of periodontal disease; here's my root scaling/planning experience.

Two shots per tooth? That is real courage.

Well done. You are an inspiration.