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One short appointment and one giant leap in progress



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May 19, 2015
Wow I can't begin to describe how much better I am feeling today!

I went for the first of 4 deep cleaning treatments yesterday - the first time I've had any dental treatment for 20 years. I cannot begin to describe how jittery I was before the appointment despite having taken diazepam the night before and an hour before the appointment (which usually works for me). Luckily I didn't wait long in the waiting room - I arrived 10 minutes early and thought I would have to sit and tremble but I got taken in straight away which was good as there was no time to have second thoughts.

The dentist used a water jet to shear off the plaque and the dental nurse "hoovered" up the bits.

I can't say it wasn't scary, it was terrifying but this was due to the background to my fear that had kept me away for 20 years and not any pain as I did not feel a thing despite not being numbed. I did get a chance to catch my breath which I needed as I kept holding my breath everytime the dentist worked on the teeth, thankfully this was for the count of 3 so I got to breath every now and again.

When it was done I felt very wobbly and tired but I think this was a combo of stress and diazepam wearing me out. I did also feel good though, I got through it and didn't flip out, have a panic attack, have any flashbacks or feel sick.

When I got home I tentatively went to the bathroom mirror and took a look at the teeth that had been worked on - oh my was I happy!!:jump: I have teeth again - not ugly brown stained decaying teeth but real teeth!! :jump:
So far I've only had a tiny area done but the difference is huge to both my appearance and well being.

I woke up this morning after an excellent nights sleep feeling wonderful, I feel that I have started to conquer the demons of the past and that my Grandad would be proud of me.

It was one tiny step on the journey but a damn good one. I might not feel great tomorrow but right now I feel wonderful and I just wanted to share that from the top of the mountain in the hope it will prompt someone else will give it a go as the view is great from here!:grin:
Congratulations!!!!! I am so happy and proud of you for getting it done!!!! For me, the first was the most difficult, so much has changed in 2 decades in terms of how they do the cleaning that I didn't know what to expect. Now you know and will also know that your smile will only look better with each visit. :thumbsup!: :yayy:
Thank you SleeplessinSeattle, that was so good of you. Yes the technology has changed so much now, I couldn't believe he even suggested going ahead without being numbed at first but it really was painless. I can't deny being scared but getting the opportunity for a breather was good as it gave me time to process what was going on and realise it was going to be ok. Now the biggest thing scaring me is the credit card bill coming at the end of all this LOL.