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One tooth denture for upper tooth. Anybody have one?



Junior member
Feb 3, 2017
Hello everyone. I have a upper premolar #4 that has been root canalled. I got it done in 2017 and it never felt right and sometimes was painful. Endo said it looked good on x-ray so I just avoided eating on it. Fast forward to now it's infected and the choice I have is apico or extraction. I want #4 extracted as I am just done with this tooth. I am getting an apico on the tooth #5 right in front of it. Tooth 5 seems strong and pretty solid. Tooth 4 seems weak and ready to go. Both teeth might be fractured.

I want a one tooth denture. I think I could get used to it and they seem to look pretty natural these days. It would be tooth #4 and I would like to be able to eat with it once I am used to it. Can anyone tell me their experience with a one tooth denture please? Many thanks.

I have one. It has a little metal clip that goes around one tooth at the back. It's pretty secure, although I have to be careful not to eat anything too hard or crunchy on that side. It looks natural, and they were very particular to match the shade of my own teeth.
I had a one tooth denture on my second tooth from the middle in the front (tooth 22 in Canada). It was attached to a pink plastic plate that hugged the roof of my mouth. I was never able to eat well with it, so after about two years, I got an implant instead.
Thanks to both of you for replying. I have a space on the upper left that I might need a denture. It depends if the root canaled molar settles down. Then I could get a bridge there. On the upper right I need apicos on two front teeth. These teeth might be cracked so I won't know until the surgery if they will be extracted or not. I am so tired from all the dental work I've had in the past two years. Sometimes I think getting partial dentures would be a better experience than all of these dental issues. I just want to not think about my teeth for a long time. Thanks again. Becky.