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One tooth is sensitive to heat, super anxious about it



Aug 12, 2018
I had two small fillings done in adjacent molars 2.5 weeks ago. I had them filled because I was experiencing some heat sensitivity and well, there were two very small cavities on my x-rays. The dentist said the cavities were very far from the nerve/pulp. He was not at all concerned about the original heat sensitivity I was having, he said a different nerve fibers act differently and it wasn’t going to be a big thing.

Anyways, 2.5 weeks later I have the same or similar heat sensitivity even after the fillings (composite). I called last week and he said he still felt it was within normal healing time.
I’m anxious because I have had it happen a number of times where composite fillings that are seemingly small end up needing root canals and I feel like my dentist is brushing this off so to speak, no pun intended.

So, I realize no one here can diagnose me, I do have a dentist and can certainly go back BUT what is Love to know is, did you ever have a heat-sensitive tooth treated with a regular filling and have the sensitivity go away without need for a root canal?