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One tooth sensitive to water flosser - now stopped



Junior member
Feb 7, 2018

As a child child, my oral hygiene was very poor. I've had multiple fillings, root canals and crowns. But now, I try my best to keep good oral hygiene to prevent further damage. I have gingivitis and my gums have receded a bit, which causes my teeth to be quite sensitive. As suggested by my dentist a couple of years ago, I now use a high fluoride toothpaste and my teeth are less sensitive.

I use a water flosser. Admittedly, not daily. Probably 3-4 times per week. About a week or so ago, I noticed that one tooth had become sensitive to the cold water from the water flosser. The tooth had a filling a few years ago. The pain wasn't intense, just a mild discomfort, which passed as soon as I moved the flosser away. This happened for a few days, but now when I floss that area, I don't experience any unusual sensitivity. The tooth hasn't been sensitive to heat, sugar or even cold drinks. Just the water flosser for a few days, when spraying from the inside out.

Is this an urgent cause for concern? Not only do I have a fear of the dentist, but I also cannot afford any treatment at the moment, unless it's absolutely necessary. As the pain has stopped, is this good sign or a bad sign?

No reason to worry. Teeth can become sensitive occasionally, for lots of reasons I can't be bothered to type out :) It's usually a short lived issue as you've discovered.
I have a Waterpik flosser and I used to use it at maximum power. My teeth were hurting, reacting to the cold, they were sensitive. My dentist was the one to tell me that this company makes very powerful flossers and to use level 4 at maximum. All symptoms disappeared.
Teeth can become sensitive occasionally, for lots of reasons I can't be bothered to type out :)

No need to type :) - there's some more info right here:

Smartypants :)