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One Wisdom tooth being removed



Junior member
Jun 9, 2020
I am due to have a wisdom tooth pulled in about a month. I am older over 40 and I am terrified of the painful recovery I always read about. I have never liked the dentist, I have never really had a good one, most don't care about my fears or just ignore me and say I will be fine. I am going to have IV Sedation because that is the only way I could get myself to go. I am just terrified of the pain afterwards. Has anyone out there had this done?
I just had teeth extractions under iv sedation. Don’t remember a thing and as long as you stay ahead of the pain it is not painful in the least. Just have to set alarms and keep up with the medications. Also just follow all of the aftercare instructions and you will be fine.
I cannot say enough great things about the sedation. I am terrified of the dentist and my surgery felt like 1 minute. Iv going in then wake up right away. I don’t remember anything past the needle and waking up in a car on the way to the pharmacy.
good luck.
Hello Worried44

:welcome: Welcome to DFC, You are definately in the right place . I'm not sure if you are googling or youtubing but they are the ones who typically have those stories of hard recoveries , sometimes for shock and drama factor. Here is a link to success stories on wisdom teeth removal.

To think of any tooth removal really is anxiety producing, the thoughts are really the worst ahead of time. I go through it every time I have lost one. and really get anxious then I get in the dental chair and it goes fine and get home and usually after a few hours is life as usual. except maybe you baby a tooth and eat soft things for a day or so depending.

Not making light of the anxiety of this. somehow extractions really are hard to think about. I've had all 4 out one,one and two together one time. The worst part of it was finding out I was allergic to codeine and getting really nauseous

Do you a place you are thinking of going? is there a special place for the sedation? have you went there before? have you checked reviews if they are good with anxious patients? The right dental staff will really help ease your mind before and after and give you good instructions and help you through the process.

Wishing you the best.

Thanks for the support! I am hopeful that the recovery will not be too bad. I just hate pain and I am concerned that I will not be able to handle it. We only have 1 oral surgeon where I live...so not too many options. He has good reviews..but I am still afraid. Thanks for all the support..it is nice to know that I am not crazy for feeling this way!
You are definately not alone in your dental fears and not crazy :)..
Thanks so much! I need to stop going to the internet and reading those horror stories...that has made me really scared! I am so glad that I found this place...everyone is so kind!
We’re you able to get it out?