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Ongoing loose Maryland bridge



Junior member
Sep 14, 2017
I had my two top front teeth removed and a Maryland bridge fitted 2 years ago. Since then it has come loose and fallen out 4 times. The last time my dentist cemented it back in and put some composite on the bottom. So now I can feel it has come loose at the top and it feels like it’s the composite that’s keeping it in. My dentist swears it’s an excellent fit and can’t understand why it keeps failing. I’m really careful I don’t bite down on it too. It’s depressing me and I’m thinking maybe a bridge just isn’t for me. Has anyone else had a problem like this? Thanks
Marylands are tricky to make well. Trouble is they look easy :)

If they fail repeatedly then it's usually a design issue, the metal needs to be thick enough that it doesn't flex under use. The bite also has to be pretty much spot on.
It sounds like you have a single bridge replacing 2 teeth? Crossing the midline? Those tend not to work as well as 2 separate bridges, the 2 ends flex at different rates during chewing and break the bond.

The other issue is if they don't get properly re-prepared before being stuck back on, they need to be sand blasted to remove the cement and give a proper surface for the new cement to stick to.