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Operculum (gum flap) over wisdom tooth



Junior member
Apr 16, 2018
Hi I had a question about the gum flaps around what was my wisdom tooth. Ive had my wisdom teeth been growing out for a while now, and one of the bottom ones developed an operculum, or gum flap over the molar. This got to be really gross and have food trapped in it. To fix it I had that wisdom tooth removed last week.

Now the gum flap is still there and it's white, a long with other loose flaps around the area. Still isn't very pleasant either. I wanted to ask whether the gum flaps will solve themselves and why they're white? I don't believe it's scar tissue as it was there before. Any help appreciated ;D
Hi oskred, I could imagine that your body needs some time to heal and settle after the wisdom tooth removal, so chances are that the gum flap will disappear by itself in some time. If this, after few weeks is not the case, it would be a good idea to ask your dentist.