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OPG and its validity



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Mar 24, 2014
Typically, how long is an OPG valid for?

My bottom two wisdom teeth are impacted and one of them first erupted when i was 22 (i'm 26 this year). The other one remains unerupted.

It's been getting more difficult for me to clean between the wisdom tooth and the 2nd molar properly. I've been using dental floss (sometimes tying a knot on the dental floss if I'm having trouble getting the food packed in between) and interdental toothbrushes to clean the gap.

My last OPG was taken in July 2013, so I'm not sure if that would still be valid. Based on my understanding, a wisdom tooth can take months or even a couple of years to become fully erupted. I know with a great certainty that mine is partially erupted.

I forgot to mention that to my dentist when I saw him 2 weeks ago as it was pretty well behaved during the week leading up to the appointment.... So it kind of slipped my mind.. How annoying..

It's not causing me pain but it's just uncomfortable when I have food packed between the 2 teeth and it gets extremely annoying especially when i'm at work.
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Hi WELCOME to the forum :jump::jump::jump:

I didn't know what an OPG was but after looking it up it is telling me it is an x ray. As I am sure you know by now I am not a dentist but as far as I know an x ray will tell any problems for up to about a year, if any problems arise after a general x ray has been taken they can take more to concentrate over the problem area.

I am sure someone with the knowledge about this will be along to help you, I just wanted to welcome you to the forum :jump::butterfly:

Could you contact your dentist about this and see what they say when you tell them of the problem you are having trying to keep the gap clean.
I have called the office to enquire about the extraction and the receptionist said that a repeat OPG might be required. I'm in the midst of deciding if this can be delayed till the 3rd quarter of this year as I will be travelling for quite a bit at mid year. Going to a disadvantaged village for some volunteer work and I definitely do not want to schedule my procedure to close to before the trip, and neither do I want to risk the need for any dental work whilst at the village.
I would visit your dentist before you go away as soon as possible from now and let them have a look and see what they advise. If you need the treatment before leaving then there may be things they can give you just in case there were problems with the healing.

Chances are things will work out but please do see your dentist and discuss it :butterfly:
Hey where I live dentists/oral surgeons like opgs to have been done in the last 6 months when extracting teeth. I think in your case they definitely would want another opg but they can often do it on the same day as the surgery.