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Opinions please! Horrible timing..... possible abscess tooth days before sinus lift and bone graft



May 21, 2021
United states
Hi all
over this weekend I’ve noticed a bump on a tooth with a deep filling I got last year. Its painless. My dentist said that I may need a root canal down the road when she did it as it was so deep. The problem I have is my scheduled sinus lift and bone graft above that tooth is scheduled for Wednesday. I have to take four antibiotic pills that morning an hour before the appointment. My question is, do I leave the bump for now and hope it doesn’t get worse or call my regular dentist and see what she thinks? i just worry any underlying infection could affect the success of the graft and lift but I also will be on antibiotics that may hold whatever this bump is at bay. Sorry for the ramble, my anxiety is at an all time high over this. Why now?! Thanks for reading
Yes let your dentist decide
Not a dentist, but I had a very large abscess on my front tooth. The oral surgeon extracted the tooth, cleaned it all out, then did the bone grafting, bone block graft and the implant the same day as the extraction. He just had me on antibiotics before, and cleaned out all the infection while he was in there working.